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Than antiperspirant differs from a deodorant


What distinguishes antiperspirant from deodorant</a>

The first impression of a person depends not only on how he looks.

It is also important how it smells of him.

Unpleasant smell of sweat can scare others.

To prevent this from happening, people often use antiperspirants.



The word "antiperspirant" consists of two words: "anti" - translates as "against" and "perspiration" - sweating.

It is designed to protect against the appearance of sweat and unpleasant odor. Thanks to aluminum ions, this ingenious invention of mankind stops the allocation of sweat where it is applied.
The process is that because of the actionIons sweat glands "slam" and sweat from them is not allocated. As a consequence, the unpleasant odor becomes significantly less. The reason for this development is not accidental: the appearance of sweat leads to the activity of bacteria that are harmless in nature. They begin to multiply only when the environment becomes enriched with oxygen, as well as warm and moist.
Antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands and, consequently, deprives the environment of the habitual humidity.

Time of action

Many "antiperspirants" begin to "act" immediately?After "application." The duration of action for different antipersipyrantes is different. The most popular among consumers of this product are those deodorants that retain their effect during the day or work well before taking a shower.
You need to know what? Antiperspirants?- this is not the same as deodorants. The purpose of deodorant action is to "prevent" or "destroy" the smell of sweat, and antiperspirant? Is "a substance that" does not "allow" to stand out "sweat." It should be noted that the antiperspirant is included in the composition of far not all deodorants.
Here are a few more important differences between antiperspirants and deodorants:
Deodorants stop the process of reproduction of bacteria, which are the cause of an unpleasant odor. Antiperspirants directly block the sweat glands.
The duration of action of even a good deodorant is only a few hours. Antiperspirants are able to prevent the appearance of a smell of sweat a day or more.
Antiperspirants are designed for use only in the armpits. Deodorants

The word "deodorant" is French and also consists of two parts. The prefix d? S means removal, odor - the smell.

Suitable for other parts of the body, characterized by increased release of sweat.
Deodorant can safely be used everyDay and, if necessary, more than once. Antiperspirant is a more reliable means, but for frequent use it does not suit and it is not recommended to apply it more often than once a day.

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