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What distinguishes the drill punch

What distinguishes the drill punch

Drill - universal and common construction tools, at first glance very similar to the punch. But this is only the misconception which is characteristic of the young and inexperienced artists.

It would seem that the purpose and drills, and punch - the creation of holes, so the tools are identical. But the difference is, and considerable.

To understand what exactly is different from the perforator drill, you need to understand their technical characteristics.

The main differences Tool

So, the main purpose of the gun -drilling holes in solid materials such as concrete, artificial and natural stone and brick. This is possible thanks to a particularly strong Boers, who designs the punch replace the drill. If you do not particularly go into the technical details, we can say that one of the characteristic differences between the drill and the hammer is working principle. That is, the gun mechanism set up under the blow, while the drill operates on the principle of rotation. Simply put, hammer knocks the holes and drill them drills out. The impactor principle, based on which operates the punch, provides an opportunity to apply the instrument in working with high-strength construction materials.
Furthermore, it is worth to highlight the differences andelectricity consumption. Although the principle of the impact, punch requires much less power, which means that the tool consumes power sparingly. But here it is worth noting that the punch is still a professional tool and is increasingly used in the construction of large, than cosmetic repairs. Agree, not every repair is required Stroebe reinforced concrete walls or knock a hole in the rock. Therefore, most of the punch used in large-scale construction.

The main advantage and at the same time, lack of punch - a shock function, which allows you to peck holes in the stone, but it is not suitable for working with plastic, wood or metal.

Benefits drills

Modern drill - multifunctiontool, which is often equipped with a function of impact. Furthermore, in some models it provides an opportunity to use the perforator drill bit. But this special nozzle, otherwise you can damage the instrument should be used. Yet the main purpose of the drill - a drill soft building materials such as particle board, wood and iron.
In the home building some models of drillsIt can be used in a broad front works. Thanks to special additional drill nozzles easily turn the pump, construction mixer or a nibbler.
In contrast to the rotary hammer drill is more accurate and multi-functional tool that allows you not only to work with different materials, but rather to drill holes of small diameter.

Drill relates to rotary power tool and has several varieties: angular drills, drills and drill-mixer.

To summarize the main differences from the drillpunch, one can not say which tool more in demand in the construction. Depending on the tasks and processed materials should be used and hammer, and a drill. The main thing with this - clearly navigate the main purpose of each tool.

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