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What is depression and how to fight it

What is depression and how to fight it

Many people confuse bad mood with depression. Meanwhile, the latter has its own, pronounced symptoms, and deal with it on their own can be very difficult.

Why there is depression and how to deal with it?

How to recognize depression

Depression - a reaction to the negativesituation, conflicts and unwanted changes in your personal life. Because of the constant stress often comes overload protective mechanisms of the body, and only then begin to show signs of depression, such as:
- Lack of interest in life-
- Lethargy and apatiya-
- chronic fatigue-
- Sleep disturbances and appetita-
- headache-
- Constant depressed mood.
By the depression cause tensions,requiring enormous impact energy and mental strength, physical or work overload. It may be the illness, loss of a loved one, forced change of residence or place of work, a fire or loss of property, conflicts with loved ones, and other problems.
If you notice at obvious signsdepression, be sure to take measures to eliminate them. Otherwise, the situation may lead to an aggravation or the development of many chronic diseases. Often on a background of depression arise neuroses, cardiovascular failure, low immunity, high blood pressure. No wonder they say that all diseases of the nerves, it is scientifically confirmed.

How to deal with depression?

Get rid of depression can helpOnly action. You can not be isolated from society, no matter how hard you need to walk more often and communicate with friends, acquaintances. Adequately assess the situation that led you to this state. Think about what you can do to fix it, or just quietly endure.
You can talk about it with dear people, becausesome have already faced with similar situations, they certainly can tell you how to deal with this problem. Or find information about other people and see how they cope with these issues.
Engage only in that you like toI work completely distracted by bad thoughts. Regular physical activity and exercise also contribute to the mood. More relax, indulge yourself and praise for every little thing. Try to smile, even if you do not want to - it is deposited on a subconscious level, the soul becomes lighter.
About depression a lot written and said, but did nottoo often say that it is quite a serious disease. Cope yourself only at an early stage. If it does not go a long time, you need to see a specialist - psychotherapist, psychiatrist.

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