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WHAT criminal responsibility

"I sit behind bars in prison raw"

"All rise, the court is in session!".

How many times heard this loud and scary for someone phrase brutally who shared the life of a person or even a group of people into two halves: before and after sentencing.

Before the criminal liability and after. Before shipment to places of detention and after ...

What is criminal liability

Scientists argue that the legal concept of "criminal responsibility" is one of the foundations on which to base all criminal law.

No accident that the main legal instrument - UK(Penal Code) of the Russian Federation - it is one of the most popular. And it mentioned, in a different sense and in various combinations, more than 80 times.

The range of opinions

But the most surprising in this case isthe fact that the Russian legislator has still not settled on any one, but a specific determination of criminal responsibility. Thus allowing a fairly broad interpretation of such an important term for justice. Here are a few examples of how the experts interpret the concept of "criminal responsibility":

"Kind of legal liability. The main content - punitive measures applied by the state to the citizen in connection with the commission of a crime. "

"The form of negative reaction in the societyconduct that is illegal. It is used against a person who committed a crime, condemning it to the physical, material and moral deprivation. The main purpose - to prevent the commission of further crimes. "

"The obligation of the offender has violated the law to respond to the state for a crime."

"Negative rating (condemnation of the recognition of the crime) socially dangerous act and blame the person who committed it, as expressed in the court verdict, entered into force."

Criminal liability - a unique concept. After all, neither the Criminal Code nor in any other legal document, there is no clear definition of this type of liability. Moreover, it is still the subject of scientific discussion and debate.

In the dock - teenager

The minimum age at which in Russia can beto prosecute, it is 16 years old. Unfortunately, juvenile delinquency is very extensive and multifaceted. And some are even capable of minors in the most violent and sophisticated crime - murder, rape, theft, including drug trafficking, robberies, assaults, robbery, extortion, car theft and much more. So, for all these serious crimes, criminal liability in Russia comes already with 14 years.

Most of the 14-15-year-olds, have embarked oncriminal track, somehow convinced that because of their age will not appear in the dock, even in the case of serious crimes such as robbery or even murder.

When criminal liability?

The law states: the only reason for the onset of this type of liability is part of a crime under the Criminal Code. And entailing not only a formal conviction, but also forced to serve their sentences in prison.

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