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What is copyright to images

What is copyright to images

Copyright image is a set of entitlements that arise from the creator of works of art, photographic image or an image obtained by other means.

This complex includes the author's name, right of disclosure and integrity of the image, the right of authorship.



Copyright in the image - this is a specialComplex moral powers, that the creator of any work received immediately after its occurrence. The image must be made the particular subject and the method of its creation in principle irrelevant. Copyright protects the images that relate to the subjects of paintings, photographic works, drawings and images created in other ways. It is also possible co-authorship, in which the respective rights belong to several persons.


The author does not specifically declare the establishmenthis work, the right to register arose the image in any organ, to publish the created object. For the occurrence of the relevant powers enough fact of creating an image creative work of an author or group of authors. Along with the moral rights of authors and belongs to the exclusive right, allows you to use the product in any way. Civil laws prohibit other persons to use copyrighted images without the permission of the author, the existence of the license agreement.


The law allows the author to mark imageown work of a copyright notice, which tells others about a valid copyright on this object. At the same time for all the works, including photographs and other images, set a single period of validity of an exclusive right that is a period of life of the author, to which must be added the seventy years after his death. Only after the expiration of the term of the image goes into the public domain. If there are multiple authors of their right to act before his death, the last of them, after which remains valid also for seventy years.


The use of images without permission of the authormay lead to the involvement of civil liability on the request of the person whose right has been violated. The author or owner may require financial compensation within certain legal limits or charges for use of the work, if it is amenable to calculation. Have valid license or sub-license contract involves the introduction of a fee, so these users can not be held liable.

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