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What is consciousness and subconsciousness

What is consciousness and subconsciousness

The human mind is divided into 2 levels: consciousness and subconsciousness.

At that moment, when a person thinks, reflects, an active participant in this process is the conscious mind.

The next destination becomes subconscious thoughts.

The subconscious mind is responsible for a variety of emotions. If thoughts were positive, respectively, and the emotions are the same and vice versa. It is believed that the most mysterious and subconscious sphere byway.

The subconscious mind as a way to survive

Human behavior in a given situation is determined by the subconscious. Its main task is to ensure the survival of its owner in different situations, including, and extreme.
This process is controlled by humaninstincts, which, in turn, are part of the subconscious. In life-threatening situations, the first thing anyone who tries, above all, to save his life, and then to others. It can not be called selfish, as such processes are controlled not by the man himself, and his subconscious. It so ordered nature.
The unconscious mind is constantly trying to bringhuman thoughts and ideas. And, no matter whether they have the character of an optimistic or pessimistic ideas. Scientifically proven fact that at a time when there is a transfer into the subconscious mind, the brain cells undergo changes.
It happens that in a matter of days, this level of mind can help a person solve the problem. It also happens that in order to solve this problem, it takes months and even years.

Cheating consciousness

Constantly controlled person and his behaviorthe subconscious mind can not, and here comes the turn of another level of reason, that is consciousness. For example, when a person comes the state of love, his behavior is driven solely instincts.
In this case, the role comes consciousness,which begins to instil the object quality of love, which in fact he does not have, thus trying to make an image of the ideal man. The bottom line is that thanks to the participation of consciousness in the process of falling in love, it can last a very long time.
Often, the same facts and events causepeople oppositely different thoughts and emotions. For example, such a common habit, like smoking, is in some association with serenity, relaxation. Others paint a picture in my head of terrible consequences that may occur as a result of entrainment smoking.
This is because the mind often goes against the subconscious, taking the opposite side. This can lead to confusion and irreparable consequences.

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