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What is a Business Informatics

What is a Business Informatics

Business Informatics - one of the latest scientific approaches to the construction and application of information and communication systems in business processes.

This direction is based on the intersection of several disciplines: computer science, economics and management.

The first business computer science began to be taught inGermany. Currently, the bachelor's degree, master's or specialist in business informatics are available in Europe, the US and Russia. The students learn economics, computer science, information management, mathematics and statistics. Get practical skills in programming and design.

History of Business Informatics

With the development of a globalized world, with widespreadthe introduction of information technology management of enterprises and industries required the introduction of new rules of doing business, and new approaches to the management of enterprises. The level of training, lack of professionals, well versed in economics, computer science and management has led to a failure when attempting to create a corporate information systems.
As a rule, many experts ever hadexcellent knowledge in the field of IT, but poorly versed in management and economics, or vice versa. Creating a business informatics professionals allowed to obtain a comprehensive and harmoniously shaped knowledge in economics, management, in law, programming, implementation and management of IT systems.

Discipline Business Informatics

"Business Informatics" Speciality new toRussian universities. But thanks to the experience of foreign universities, our universities have formed an excellent training programs at the level of foreign training standards.
Educational process includes the following blocks of disciplines:
1. Socio-economic disciplines (foreign languages, law, economics, management, marketing, accounting and taxation).
2. Pure Sciences (mathematics, computer science, programming).
3. Specialized courses (e-business, content management, business communication, improve the entrepreneurship management).
4. Special disciplines (network technology, multimedia technology, web programming, network advertising and marketing, IT strategy)

Practice & Employment

Many leading Russian and foreigncompanies are interested in the Business Informatics specialists. Therefore, at the stage of the learning process to their practice invited Microsoft, IBM, SAP, 1C, Intersoft Lab. In some universities have the opportunity to do an internship abroad.
The demand for professionals in business informaticsgrowing, on average, 25% or 10,000 people per year. Therefore, graduates are no difficulties in the device according to the specialty. They find jobs not only in private but also in public enterprises, institutions, local authorities and public bodies.

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