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What is the syndrome of burnout (CMEA)?

What is the syndrome of burnout (CMEA)?

Medical error is always expensive.

It is no exception and psychiatry.

There are conditions that are easily mistaken for a mental disorder, although it is not so.

Burnout syndrome (CMEA) for symptoms very similar to depression.

Where is the fine line that separates the mental illness from psychological fatigue, which is the result of emotional surge?

SEV - burnout syndrome - adefinition given Fryudenberger Herbert, American psychologist and doctor of psychiatry, depression, protective response to prolonged emotional stress. we speak in everyday life, "the man was burned."

Often CMEA confused with depression and treatedantidepressants, which in itself can cause harm and mental and physical health. In the CMEA has similarities with depression: loss of interest in the outside world, to life. A man comes to this gradually, emotional burning out inside, empty and finding insensitivity.

This could threaten the CMEA?

First of all, the emotional burnoutthreatens those related profession with stressful situations, a lot of time with people, or gifted and talented creative mind with a thin mental organization, and the habit of keeping his feelings to himself.

Suffer from overvoltage and artists,musicians, actors - those who are connected with the public profession that requires emotional impact. CMEA may occur due to overexertion of the emotional sphere, as a result of personal turmoil and frustration. Particularly vulnerable are people with high levels of responsibility, the desire to control everything personally, or so-called "complex honors."

This psychological illness affects mainlypretty young people, from 25 to 50 years, when the person is still full of ambition and counting on adequate, in his opinion, his personality assessment by society, loved ones, co-workers on the shop floor.

Symptoms, stages and consequences of CMEA

The first stage disorder begins with a sudden, impulsive,emotional outburst, after which the emotions as if stunned man, he feels empty. The mood changes abruptly, suddenly, unmotivated. It appears fatigue, indifference to the fact that previously attracted, as well as the desire aside important matters.

Man in this state begins to makethemselves forced to work more, tends to assert themselves, neglecting their needs, loses normal sleep. Change the situation as a holiday or vacation do not bring the desired calm.

Manifested neurosis concerns the work inpersonal relationships - unmotivated jealousy, the desire to control the partner. A person may feel that he is underperforming, the process requires his direct participation. Manifest fear, anxiety, obsessive thoughts.

The second stage more seriously affected by social mechanisms,connecting the individual with the society. If at this stage of the CMEA can be seen as a natural protective response to overvoltage, the further development of neuro-psychological disorders can cause a person to a standstill.

Gradually irritation occurs with respect to thepeople, places, relationships, where you want emotional involvement. Manifested negativity, cynicism, a person can become sarcastic, nameshlivym, ironic. Relationships begin to lose one's individuality, to take formal.

At this stage the person is looking for salvation fromheaping longing for new contacts (business, friendship, love). But the flash of warmth in the relationship are becoming shorter, dull irritation appears suddenly. Communications are beginning to tear, if a person wants to get away from the conflict, the relationship gradually extinguished, the emotions go on the periphery of consciousness, contacts come to naught.

The third stage characterized in that out of it independentlyextremely difficult. As a result, destructive, or "fleeting" behavior of a vacuum surrounding the start to be disappointed, self-esteem falls around the person. Tormented psychologically a person begins to avoid contact with people to withdraw into themselves.

Isolation becomes chronic features of a persondeliberately interrupts communication. Often, these people are no longer even take the phone, stop a trail, losing their jobs, family, seeking solitude, avoid any responsibility. When it comes to family life - lost interest in most emotionally significant people, partner, their children, relatives.

During this dangerous period may develop alcoholismor drug addiction. Develops Psychosomatics, when, due to the reluctance to meet with someone, the person starts to hurt, subconsciously creating situations in which it would be left alone.

Sometimes in such a state committed antisocial behavior - for example, a person may suddenly break and naskandalit to rid yourself of any routine, or to find a reason to interrupt the communication.

When you try to put pressure on the depleted emotional person, reminding him of the responsibilities before the society, work, family, evoke a sense of guilt - you can call it aggression, and even suicidal thoughts.

How to overcome the syndrome of burnout?

If you can do the first stage of the development of Comeconclimate change, the second stage requires psychological support, which could have a close understanding people, good friends. The third stage is almost always requires qualified psychological assistance.

During this period, the CMEA can go to heavierform - depression, idiosyncrasy, can develop klausterofobiya, xenophobia, or other phobia, until the panic states. It is not as harmless as it seems, as a person in a hostile environment may develop a mental disorder until psychosis. At this point you may need help even a psychiatrist.

Some people who possess strong intellect,bring your personality into a state of relative comfort and harmony with the world around themselves. Someone's head goes in the online game, in a quiet, "behind closed doors" work limits their contacts narrow circle of close friends and / or the Internet, make up the shortfall of emotion communication in the virtual world.

By the way, a man can be a great CMEAinterlocutor, bright virtual personality, but he is unlikely to real contacts. Restore social ties are not so simple. Can help sessions of psychoanalysis, in which process emotions can be experienced again, resurrected, expressed openly to splash out.

Many positive effects can have a new love that will refresh, refresh, "reformats" emotional sphere.

Prevention CMEA

Do not neglect the rest! Holidays, weekends, daily walks have become a necessity. Otherwise, the efficiency will be reduced, and with it the risk of developing CMEA. Do not avoid physical activities - fishing trips, to the country, playing outdoors strengthen not only the nerves, but also intelligence.

Try to spend less time in the network,lack of exercise can cause emotional burnout. Do not get carried away talking on a cell phone. It is best to meet with good friends in person, in a warm atmosphere or go to a party.

The therapeutic effect on the tired nervous systemhaving contact with nature, exploring beautiful places, new experiences of good films, music. Eliminate the negative impressions, do not look gloomy films, if felt oppressed. Timely solve relationship problems with your partner.

Prioritize your activities: the main problem is solved in the first place, while the secondary can wait. What is important is a healthy sleep - at least 7-8 hours. Do not get carried away with spices, limit tea, coffee, alcohol. Everything should be in place and in moderation.

If you like to read - read good literature. The extra, unnecessary information only clog the brain and take away precious time. Do not be afraid to open expression of emotions - anger, even if it can not poison yourself negative. At least, showing emotion is open, you can get rid of those that you do not need.

Maybe you need to have on hand a slightsedative. Simplify your life, do not give unnecessary promises. For that puts pressure on the psyche of the hardest - so it promises not made only for the simple reason that you are accustomed to take responsibility more than able to stand it.

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