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What is black PR in social networks

What is a black PR in social networks

In the harsh world of business, there are manymethods of competition, and one of the most effective is the so-called "black PR", that is, the formation of the person, product or brand a negative opinion from the target audience.

Now this tool is used in social networks.

Dirty technology competition

Black PR - it is a special kind of relations withpublic, whose main task is to provide the audience's negative associations with a particular person, product, brand. In the 90s of the last century in Russia in order to discredit a competitor required considerable financial investment as the main information warfare conducted through print media and television. Particularly wealthy people have discovered their own newspapers, and those who have fewer resources, just redeemed airtime and advertising space. The main battle in those days were not about business and politics, as the concept of competition infancy in Russia.
With the advent of the Internet in everyday lifecompetition has become, on the one hand, it is cheaper and easier, but on the other - much more dangerous, because there is always the chance that the opponent will be more determined and aggressive. However, information warfare is increasingly the rage on the Internet. And the ever-growing popularity of social networks has given professionals black pr opportunities.

Social Networks - cheap and effective

The majority of people tend to trust the opinion ofothers, especially disinterested. It is no coincidence one of the most popular searches in the search engines is the "reviews". The ability to consult with those who have already used the service or goods acquired, greatly facilitates the selection process for a potential buyer. Prior to the development of social networks this kind of basic information can be found on various online forums, but have acquired a mass character reviews it with the advent of social networking.

One way of black PR in socialnetworks is to register the fake account, supposedly representing the brand competitors. With this account may, for example, placed offensive posts and comments.

Full texts of the disturbance in the blogs and on websitessuch as "VKontakte" and "Classmates", thanks to instant quoting system, spread at an alarming rate. Even the most unreasoned opinion to doubt his choice of the person it is enough that he refused to buy, so the custom publication on social networks are an effective tool for black PR. It is almost impossible to distinguish the competition from the usual indignation unhappy customers, although some differences still there. For example, the same type of product reviews on various sites, and even published about the same time, means that the company is trying to ruin the reputation of a competitor product or brand.

Publication of numerous accoladesoften it works in the opposite way. Encountering written "a blueprint" text the user rightly decides that the company strives to improve tarnished reputation.

On the other hand, even knowing that the negativeReview is likely a fake, a person can make a choice in favor of another company. That is why the black PR in social networks and the Internet in general - a very dangerous tool that can spoil in a few days the firm's reputation.

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