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WHAT is better to choose a game console

What is better to choose a game console - PS4 or Xbox One?

The battle for customers in the gaming console market between the two leading companies - Sony and Microsoft - has stood serious.

In late 2013 it was released just two game consoles of the new generation - Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Each console has an incredibly powerful performance and has its own distinctive features.

Of course, to determine a clear winner in thisthe fight is difficult, as well as to give a definite answer to the question, what kind of game consoles is best, but you can make detailed comparisons between the two products and to identify their main strengths and weaknesses.

Design</ P>

The design of the two game consoles is made in a similarstyle. If we do not take into account some minor details, the external differences are virtually absent: they are dark rectangular box, in appearance resembling video recorders, which were issued in the early 90s. On the obverse of both consoles is the drive for Blu-Ray discs, and all the necessary connectors for cables are on the back side. However, the PS4 on the front side also has two slots for USB, which certainly makes the work with the console even more convenient. In addition, the PS4 has a more compact size and looks sleeker thanks to its "oblique" design and visual division into two parts.


Game consoles Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4equipped with AMD's eight-processor, hard drive and built-in 500 GB of RAM to 8GB. A distinctive feature of the PS4 gaming console is that it supports high-resolution video in 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). Currently TVs that are capable of delivering such a clear image is not yet widely known because of its high cost. This move by Sony could well be visionary and help it to compete with Microsoft.

gaming controllers

new generation console from the Japanesethe manufacturer is now equipped with a new gaming controller DualShock 4, which, compared to its predecessor has undergone many changes. The new gamepad has a comfortable size, which certainly will be a great advantage for people with large hands. In addition, on the front side of the controller has a built-in speaker and touch touchpad.

The game controller Xbox One did not happensome global changes compared with the gamepad from the console of the previous generation. Wireless joystick has become more convenient to lay in his hands, and respond to commands quickly, but to call these changes a major upgrade is difficult.

With regard to the active video game, a newPlaystation Eye is now equipped with two cameras, which makes it possible to accurately track even small movements of several players at the same time. However, the viewing angle of only 85 degrees, and the minimum distance for the device - 30 cm., Which, of course, is bad news for most Russians, with small-sized rooms. The body of the device Playstation Eye has four built-in microphones, and a Playstation Move previously existing functionality added Face Detection system and the ability to voice control.

Kinest 2 system.0 at the Xbox One is much more suitable for small spaces because it has a fairly wide viewing angle. The device is able to read the movement of six players at a time, just to pass even the smallest gestures, analyze heartbeat and distribute the weight of the skeleton.

Services, social opportunities and embedded applications

If you are using on your computerWindows 8 operating system from Microsoft or its mobile version of Windows Phone smartphone, the management of the game console Xbox One will be for you commonplace even on the first day after its purchase. Its interface is a set of multi-colored windows, as in the eighth version of Microsoft desktop OSes.

Manufacturer of Japan does not disclose allthe operating system details, game console PS4. But Sony has actively promotes opportunities for new functionality that will allow players to interact with each other. For example, using a special camera Share button, you can upload to the Internet photos and videos with the passing game, as well as to the online broadcast games live.

Microsoft has presented the console Xbox Oneas a universal media device for the living room, so it is designed for a broad audience that includes not only gamers, but fans and cable channels, social networking and other home entertainment. Xbox One includes Smart-TV feature - console supports voice control, and multi-window interface, is able to call on Skype and more.

Xbox Live service supports 300 thousand of remote servers, where users can store downloaded content, music, games and allows you to add as friend up to 1000 users.

This year, Sony is launching a new SERVISGakai, with which users will be able to run games from the PS3 to the next-generation consoles, without waiting for their reissue. In Xbox One such backward compatibility is not, and therefore will have to seek additional funds for the purchase of your favorite games, but for the new console.


The simultaneous release of the two game consolesput many gamers face a difficult choice, as even experienced experts and professionals can not reach an agreement, and give a clear answer to the question, what console is better - PS4 or Xbox One? In any case, each user will find its product. However, as practice shows, the Sony game console is currently in great demand.

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