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WHAT is better to buy a stroller

Which is better to buy a stroller

Wheelchair - one of the most important goods that parents have to buy, because the baby to wear on your hands, especially while walking, it is very difficult.

The range of products is large, so it is important to choose the right model, taking into account the child's age and needs.

Selecting the type of pram

As a rule, the very first stroller for babyIt becomes a model with a cradle. It is convenient to lay the newborn child who can not sit still. Moreover, such a product can be used to rock the baby and give him the opportunity to sleep while walking. When choosing a stroller, it is desirable to give preference to a product with a removable cradle, which can be easily removed from the structure and be used as a crib.
For older children, who are already well-kepthead and know how to sit, more suitable for a baby stroller with a seat that can be folded, turning it into a mini-bed. Sitting in it, the child will be able to walk to watch for a while, and if he gets tired and wants to sleep, it will be enough simply to transform the seat.
If you do not like the prospect of changing carriage,when the baby grows up, choose the model of a transformer, the product is 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. In the first case in a wheelchair can carry a child up to the time when he learns to walk independently. Transformers are massive and heavy, but also very convenient. Model 2 in 1 makes it possible to install either a cradle or the seat of your choice. The product is a 3 in 1 lets you add to this the car seat.

Design features baby carriages

Strollers can be four-wheel andthree-wheeled. The first option - a classic, characterized resistance and massive, while the second is famous for its maneuverability and ease of management. There is a happy medium - a model with a dual front wheel. It is convenient, stable, safe, easy to operate, suitable for use at any time of the year, has high permeability. If you choose a traditional four-wheeled or three-wheeled stroller, remember a simple rule: to summer small wheels are more suitable, and for the winter - great.
When choosing a stroller, be sure to pay attention toits weight and size. Buy a massive, heavy, large model is only when a young mother will always be an assistant who will be able to lift the stroller with the child on the stairs, because the greater the size of the product, the less the chance that it can be transported by elevator. Women who have had a difficult birth or a caesarean section, you should prefer a very light, maneuverable, easy to manage and medium-sized wheelchair.
Finally, it is advisable to buy a stroller withthe possibility of changing the position of the handle, so you can either watch the baby when he sleeps, or use the option "while moving", the baby did not look at you, and what is happening around.

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