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What is a DJ setlist


When composing a set list, the DJ must take into account the tastes of the audience</a>

The set list is a convenient tool used by DJs.

It is a pre-prepared list of songs for a party or disco that can be adapted along the way.

Contents of the set list

Depending on whom, and at what timeDay DJ will play, he determines the contents of the set list. Usually any DJ has a song database, that is, a collection of songs, from which they choose songs for the set list.
As a rule, not all musical compositions,Included in the originally planned list, are played at the party. There are no strict rules regarding the number of tracks in the setlist. Some DJs are limited to a few songs that they plan to play at the beginning and at the end of the disco, improvising with the main part. Often songs are selected on a specific topic.
Set-lists are adapted to the mood of the public. If the DJ sees that music does not affect people, then he can change some of the songs.

If it is a question of speaking on the radio, this requires more thorough preparation.

Setlist can be selected for a certain styleMusic. On the holiday DJs usually take with them several music CDs, each of which is a collection of music of a separate direction. This is done from the following considerations. Coming to a party, a DJ can not immediately determine the tastes of the public. If necessary, he can change the style or also play music of different styles to make variety.
A set of such discs can include, for example, 2 CDs with "warm-up" music, 2 CDs with background music, 2 media with classics and 2 main collections.

Rules for compiling a set list

Making up a well thought out set list, DJs canAdhere to certain rules, although not necessarily. It all starts with the selection of music. Usually about 30-40 tracks are viewed, of which the ones the DJ plans to use are selected. The number of tracks viewed can be more: up to 300-400 tunes.
After the selection of music, they begin to listen. Disc jockey listens to every selected track, not necessarily completely.
An important component is the definition of the mood of music, in particular, what emotions it causes. Music can be relaxing, or maybe stimulating.

DJ is important to feel what kind of reaction is the melody. This helps in composing the order of compositions.

Then the compositions are divided into two groups. In one group there is a relaxing music, in the other - melodies that cause euphoria. This is the basis of the set list.
Play the set list should start withCalm, soft, relaxing music. Gradually the emotional intensity in the compositions should be increased. At some point the songs will be filled with euphoria and happiness. The public should be by this time completely ecstatic and "in isolation". By the end of the set list you can cool the ardor and again play more calm compositions. Some DJs, however, do not do this, but leave the holiday on a loud note.

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