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WHAT have DJ setlist

Constituting the setlist, the DJ should take into account the tastes of the public

The set list - a convenient tool, which is used by DJs.

It is a pre-prepared list of songs for a party or a disco, which can be adapted in the course of action.

The contents of the set list

Depending on to whom and at what timeDJ will be playing days, he determines the content of the set list. Usually every DJ has left Singing base, that is, a collection of songs from which they choose the songs for the set list.
Generally, not all songs,included in the originally-planned list, played at the party. There are no strict rules regarding the number of songs in the set list. Some DJs are limited to a few songs, which they plan to play at the beginning and at the end of discos, improvising with the main part. Most songs are chosen on a particular topic.
The set list is adapted to the mood of the public. If dj sees that music has no effect on humans, it can change some compositions.

When it comes to speech on the radio, it requires a more careful preparation.

The set list can be selected for a specific stylemusic. On holiday DJs usually take along a few music CDs, each of which is a collection of music separate directions. This is done for the following reasons. Coming to the party, the DJ could not immediately determine the tastes of the public. If necessary, it can change the style or also play music of different styles to add variety.
A set of disks may include, for example, 2 CD with the "warm-up" music, 2 CDs with background music, 2 carrier with the classics and the 2 main collection.

Rules of drawing up the set list

Composing thoughtful setlist, DJs canadhere to certain rules, although not necessarily. It all starts with the selection of music. Usually it is seen around 30-40 songs, which are selected from those who will use the DJ. The number of tracks can be viewed and more: 300-400 tones.
After the selection of their music are beginning to listen. Disc zhokkey listening to each selected track, not necessarily completely.
An important part is to define the mood of music, in particular, that it causes the emotion. Music can be relaxing and can be exciting.

Dj important to feel what the reaction is melody. This helps in making the song order.

Next, the composition is divided into two groups. In one group is relaxing music in the other - music, causing euphoria. This is the basis set list.
Play setlist should begin withquiet, soft, relaxing music. Gradually, the emotional intensity in the compositions should be increased. At some point, the song will be performed by the euphoria and happiness. The public should be at this time in admiration and "out of touch". By the end of the set list, you can cool down and then lose the quieter song. Some DJs, however, do not do it, and leave on holiday loud note.

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