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What is astigmatism?


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Astigmatism is one of the varieties of a visual defect that can be associated with both hyperopia and myopia.

Literally this disease is translated as "absence of a point". The causes and consequences of astigmatism are very diverse.

In addition, if you do not pay attention to this visual defect in children at an early age, then it can become the main cause of strabismus.

general information

Astigmatism is a pathological refraction of the eye,Cardinally violating the sphericity of the cornea. In a broad sense, this disease can be defined as the distortion of objects that a person sees around him. All the pictures become cloudy, and the points turn into segments. It is difficult to see a person both at close and long distances. In the event of complications, visible objects may be completely untrue. For example, the circle may seem an oval, the square around, and some objects become absolutely indistinguishable.

Causes and Diagnosis of Astigmatism

Astigmatism can be congenital orAcquired. Most often, this disease occurs even at birth. In most cases, the visual defect practically does not make itself felt until a certain degree of development. Sometimes astigmatism does not even affect the vigilance of a person. The disease manifests itself in the deterioration of the visibility of contours of objects.
Diagnose astigmatism helpAdditional symptoms. Even if vision does not deteriorate, there are headaches, and the eyes begin to quickly tire with minimal loads. Upon examination, the doctor examines the condition of the eye, the cornea and the lens. Violation of their forms indicates the presence of astigmatism.
During the examination, the patient mustTwo procedures are carried out: a skiascopy and follow-up of dilated pupils with atropine. Based on the tests, the doctor makes a diagnosis and selects the necessary method of treatment.
Theoretically, every person has astigmatism. The difference is that in some people it develops, while in others it is always on the same mark and does not affect the general condition or vision.

Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism can be corrected in several ways- Correction with the help of special glasses, contact lenses or surgical method. In modern medicine, the method of laser correction of vision is widely used, which in some cases is prescribed by specialists and with astigmatism.
Do not try to try on your ownGet rid of astigmatism. There are cases when parents themselves selected glasses for their children, guided by the conclusion that the child has normal nearsightedness. Frivolous attitude towards one's own and the children's organism can cause serious consequences. Glasses and lenses with astigmatic lenses often cause dizziness. This effect is not incidental, it is a natural process of habituation.

Consequences of astigmatism

If astigmatism is not cured in time, then visionA person will deteriorate at a rapid pace. It should be noted right away that it is better to take corrective measures for the first symptoms of the disease. In childhood, glasses with astigmatic lenses are used most often, in older age lenses are used. In the presence of complications, laser or surgical correction is used.
The child should be regularly brought to the reception toTo the doctor-oculist. If you do not notice astigmatism, then it can greatly harm the child's body. In a number of cases, this disease becomes the cause of a "lazy eye", a serious inflammation of the cornea and strabismus.

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