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What is Apple TV</a>

Apple TV is a new conceptEntertainment, which contains films, music, clips, podcasts and all the best that the media industry can offer to date. The prefix is ​​very compact, has a good hard drive if you want to upload your own movie from the disc.

Its synchronization with other devices occurs in a matter of seconds.

Physically Apple TV is a flatA box of white or black color. It has compact dimensions: no more than a standard book. With the TV set-top box Apple TV is connected via wires, and with computers, tablets and even smartphones based on iOS - via the Internet.

Inside the box of Apple TV is a hardA 40 GB drive, a processor, a board with connectors and devices for wireless communication. In its properties, the device looks like a media player. But when developing the manufacturers did not rely on the hard drive or connected media, but on the synchronization through the service iTunes. Thus, it turns out that the files necessary for viewing are located on one of the servers of Apple.

What can you see through the Apple TV console? On the Internet, you can find more than 350 TV shows, 4 million music tracks, about 250 films as DVDs, over 5,000 clips, numerous radio stations, audiobooks and podcasts. On iTunesTopMovies movie trailers appear the very first - for a real cinephan such an opportunity to get acquainted with the novelties of the world film industry is priceless.

Apple TV allows you to watch movies in the presentHD-quality. It is very convenient that the console is equipped for both MAC computers and PC, so users of Windows are also able to use Apple TV. The only requirement is that iTunes is installed since version 7.1 and later. Your personal videos, audio and photo files uploaded to iCloud will also be viewable via Apple TV.

Management is carried out with the help ofRemote control from Apple. It's called very simply: Apple Remote. A mini-device, something like an iPod, will help solve all the problems in managing products from Apple. Apple Remote contains only a few commands: forward, backward, Play, pause, menu and volume control.

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