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WHAT is an oxymoron

One kind of an oxymoron - Dead Souls

Oxymoron - a stylistic term, connecting the conflicting concepts. It is used primarily in works of art.

But often an oxymoron to be encountered in everyday life.

Scientists studying the language of artworks, allocate among other means of expression so-called stylistic figures, among them - an oxymoron. Translated from the Greek word "oxymoron" means "clever-stupid."
"Wit" and "stupidity" - concepts incompatible. However, set next to each other, creating the effect of surprise, paradoxical, artistic brilliance. Accordingly, it will be remembered every letter such a phrase. Nesoedinyaemogo compound, a combination of opposites - this is an oxymoron.

Oxymoron is itself a term that is derived from the Greek word "????????", which combines the two values: "acute" and "stupid."

Oxymoron in the literature

headlines are written on the basis of an oxymoron manyknown literary works. For example, the immortal poem, NV Gogol's "Dead Souls". I recall as "The Living Corpse" Leo Tolstoy's "Hot Snow" Y. Bondarev, "Optimistic Tragedy" V. Vishnevsky.
Oxymoron enables not only bright lodgetitle, but also to invest in it more meaning than if it was a simple phrase. Not for nothing in the school a lot of time is taken to find out what is behind the words "dead souls". Which souls mentioned a great writer, and why they are dead.
Oxymoron poets often use in theirpoems. This allows you to make an image of particularly rich, memorable. That famous line A. Pushkin about autumn: "I love the lavish withering of nature." Usually we associate wilting with some faded colors that already dying away. Association is not the most pleasant. And suddenly - "lavish withering." Immediately recall those pictures autumn forest, described and follows the line of the poet said.

Oxymoron in a poem by Marina Tsvetaeva "Grandma":
"Dark, direct and discerning eye.
Look for a ready defense.
Young women do not look.
The young grandmother, who are you? "

Oxymoron in life

However, with the oxymoron can not meetOnly the pages of works of art, but also in everyday life. About a man who could hold his emotions in difficult situations, the mere sight of which causes a feeling of confidence, saying: "He has nerves of steel." liquid nails used in construction work. All these are examples of oxymorons.
Often the pun, including an oxymoron,used in advertising. Unfortunately, it turns out this is not always fair to consumers. Besides deliberateness cause rejection, do not save advertising even brighter colors.
Through an oxymoron, the phrase becomesmemorable. Therefore, it is not forbidden to come up with something of my own, neizbity. According to psychologists, working with oxymoron helps to find a way out of an ambiguous situation. The truth must be remembered that it is not necessary to roll with witty silly stupidity in sharpness.

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