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WHAT is an integrated marketing

What is an integrated marketing

Integrated Marketing - is a series of system, logically arrayed, reasonable measures aimed at the successful promotion of products or services on the market.

He uses all the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

Integrated marketing in today's market

Correct Structural marketing approachIt involves sequential algorithm of actions for the creation and promotion of products. Marketing - is a broad term that includes a number of separate, interrelated areas. They can be divided into 4 main functions: analysis, production, marketing, management and control.

Some companies limit the functions of marketing promotional activities to promote the product. Integrated approach in this case is to use different tools and channels of communication.

In a comprehensive approach all these functionsIt exists within a single program and work closely with each other, solving all tasks in sequence. Studies are in demand and consumer needs, market analysis. Determine the target audience of the company. Based on the results developed range of products or services, price policy is formed. Create brand and product advertising platform.
It constitutes a promotion program with the help of allavailable means of advertising communications. Regularly conducted research and analysis of the current market situation and the competitive environment is analyzed. A forecast of changes made the adjustment of the current program, taking into account the data obtained. The scope of activities depends on the business level, the volume of production and marketing budget.

Theory 4P

Four business component formed the basis of the theory4P: product, price, place, promotion, which translates as "product", "price", "place", "promotion". Integrated marketing strategy, formed on this principle, to provoke the consumer to perceive the product from the perspective of its advantages and benefits for themselves.

For the first time 4P theory was announced in 1960. Since then, it remains relevant for marketers. At various times it tried to expand and complement. All these works were merely variations on the theme of integrated marketing.

The strategy for the productmeans any company's offer. This could be a tangible product, service, idea, activity, etc. Price - is the amount of money or other valuables, which the company wants for its product, and the consumer is willing to pay for it. The concept of "place" has a broad definition. This method of product distribution method for delivering it to the consumer, service, etc.
Promotion - complex advertising and informationmeasures to inform the target audience about the merits of the product, which are aimed at the formation of a product of the needs and desires to purchase goods. According to the 4P theory, system, complex work with these components - is the key to a successful business.

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