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What is an electronic mailbox

What is e-mail box

E-mail box, e-mail, «soap» - the main means of transmission of messages on the Internet.

With it you can chat with friends, share photos, conduct business correspondence with partners and customers.

E-mail on the action resembles a regular. You also write a letter, but instead of using a pen and paper pad. And the envelope and the mailbox replaces the "Submit" button.
All messages are stored on the server, sortedfolders "Inbox", "Outbox", "spam". They have no effect on memory to fill in the home computer. Depending on where the registered mailbox, under the letter is given five to ten megabytes.

How to create e-mail box

First we need to determine the userwhich server you want to become. The most popular e-mail servers: "Yandeks.Pochta», Gmail.com, Mail.ru. By clicking on the selected site button "Start the mailbox", you can proceed to registration.
E-box consists of a name (login) user, and server address (domain) that are connected to the sign "@", popularly known as "dog."
Coming up with a login, do not pursue originality,writing compound words. E-mail address should be easy to pronounce and remember, because you have to communicate it to others. The easiest option is a combination of the name and surname of a person in the mail address. If the address is not available, it can be added to the numbers.
Thinking on login, keep in mind that the boxIt will be used not only to communicate with friends. For example, when sending a resume in a serious company with a return address as "sweetie" or "baby doll" will look absurd and ridiculous. Consider your age and, like "mashenka1964 'addresses appear serious.
After-mail address is selected and the boxregistered, you can send and receive emails. The welcome letter from the technical support of the selected server, you will receive instructions and tips for working with the mail.

Advantages email

E-mails are delivered instantly. Even larger photos will be sent in a matter of minutes.
E-mail has a high reliability of delivery. In very rare cases, the letter did not reach the addressee. But this problem is easily solved by re-writing.
The same message can be sent to multiple people at once, without having to dial the text again. It is very convenient if you want to notify someone about the meeting, plans or important information.
By email, you can send not only text, but also graphics, spreadsheets, scanned documents, photos, videos - anything.

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