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WHAT is alcoholism?


What is alcoholism?</a>

What if one of your relatives or friends is affected by alcohol?

It is necessary to understand what alcoholism is, what it is dangerous, and also how to help a patient get rid of this addiction.

A person can consume alcohol, but at the same timeClearly know your measure, and do not abuse alcohol. When the use of alcoholic beverages goes out of the control of a person, the latter develops alcoholism.

This pathology can be considered seriousSocial problem. Distinguish between male and female alcoholism. In order for a man to develop this disease, it is required that he regularly consumes alcohol for 10 years. A woman is enough for this 3 years.

There are 3 stages of alcoholism. At the first stage, the patient uses alcoholic beverages, while not particularly exposed to alcohol. The second stage is characterized by the presence of hangover syndrome. Finally, in the third stage, serious changes occur in the body. The patient can begin cirrhosis, hepatitis, various neurological pathologies.

Alcoholism is treated by coding, that is, by insertionDrugs that cause aversion to alcohol. Sometimes you need to be hospitalized in a narcological dispensary. The goal of isolating a patient is to minimize his contact with alcohol.

In order to help the patient definitivelyGet out of the influence of alcoholic beverages, need the help of a psychologist, psychotherapist and family. Often the support of native people can play a decisive role in the course of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

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