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What is alcoholism?

What is alcoholism?

What if one of your relatives or friends affected by alcohol?

It should be understood that such alcohol than it is dangerous and how you can help the patient to get rid of this harmful addiction.

A person may drink alcohol, but at the same timeclearly know your limits, and do not abuse alcohol. When drinking alcohol is getting out of human control, the latter developing alcoholism.

This pathology can be considered serioussocial problem. There are male and female alcoholism. To the man developed a disease that requires him to 10 years consumed alcohol regularly. The woman it is enough to 3 years.

There are 3 stages of alcoholism. In the first stage the patient consumes alcohol, while not particularly exposed to the action of alcohol. The second stage is characterized by a hangover. Finally, in the third stage major changes occur in the body. The patient may begin cirrhosis, hepatitis, and various neurological diseases.

Alcoholism is treated encoding, that is, the introduction ofdrugs that cause an aversion to alcohol. Sometimes hospitalization is required in Drug Dispensary. The purpose of the isolation of the patient is the desire to minimize his contact with alcohol.

In order to help the patient finallyget out from under the influence of alcoholic beverages, need a psychologist, psychotherapist and family. Often it is the support of native people can play a crucial role during treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

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