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WHAT is acupuncture facelift

What is acupuncture facelift

Save the youth in various ways, including by means of lifting, varieties of which there is a great variety.

One of the least known, but no less effective treatments is acupuncture facelift, advantages and disadvantages which should know before applying.

What is acupuncture facelift

This is a cosmetic procedure, based on knowledgepoints on the skin when exposed to that achieved by improving its condition. fade fine lines As a result, the complexion improves, and it becomes more oval fit.

Initially, acupuncture has been used as a medical procedure, and only a little more than a decade ago, it was used in cosmetology.

Acupuncture facelift: pros and cons

The principle of operation of lifting akupunturnogoIt is quite simple: by stimulating needles on certain points of the face improves their blood circulation, respectively, normalized power cells. This improves lymph flow, swelling removed, the person becomes more fit, and there is an accelerated regeneration of cells. Advantages of the method are obvious:
- Visible effect occurs in all problem areas, ranging from lowered lids and ending with the second effect podborodka-
- The procedure is completely safe and has an contraindications only open on inflammatory processes kozhe-
- The result is achieved by means of the body, but not overly intense stimulation that sometimes using chemical komponentov-
- Traces of the remains of no treatment.
Disadvantages of using acupuncture faceliftare practically absent. Among them we can mention only the fact that people with panic to the needles, this procedure will not work, but it is only because of the psychological aspect.

Morbidity of the procedure is almost minimal, which also can be attributed to one of the advantages.

What else you should know

To achieve visible results must bewait at least 10 sessions, each of which is done once a week. The changes will be visible after a month. But such is only possible if acupuncture will conduct a professional, because the needle must be placed in a strictly defined points, rather than on the basis of the client's transformation into the likeness of a hedgehog. The duration of the conservation achievements acupuncture facelift, which reviews are not as numerous as on other procedures for lifting, you can count on the renewal of the skin at least for a couple of years. If the individual characteristics so require, the procedure should be repeated once a month for maintenance.

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