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WHAT is acupuncture face lifting


Save youth can be in various ways, including through lifting, the variety of which there is a great variety.

One of the least known, but from this no less effective procedure is acupuncture face lifting, the advantages and disadvantages of which are worth knowing before applying it.

What is acupuncture face lifting?

This is a cosmetic procedure based on knowledgePoints on the skin, when it is affected, an improvement in its condition is achieved. As a result, fine wrinkles disappear, the complexion improves, and its oval becomes more taut.

Initially, acupuncture was used as a curative procedure and only a little over a decade ago it was used in cosmetology.

Acupuncture facelift: the pros and cons

Principle of acupuncture liftingIs quite simple: by stimulating the needles of certain points on the face, their blood circulation improves, and, accordingly, the nutrition of the cells is normalized. Due to this, the lymph drainage is improved, the edema is removed, the face becomes more taut, and also the accelerated regeneration of cells occurs. Advantages of the method are obvious:
- the visible effect occurs in all problem areas, from the lowered eyelids and ending with the effect of the second chin,
- the procedure itself is completely safe and as contraindications has only open inflammatory processes on the skin-
- the result is achieved through assistance to the body, and not by an excessively intense stimulation, which sometimes happens when using chemical components-
- traces of the procedure does not remain.
Disadvantages of lifting with acupuncturePractically absent. Among them, it can be noted only that the fact that people with panic fear of needles this procedure is not suitable, but also only because of the psychological aspect.

The soreness of this procedure is almost minimal, which can also be attributed to one of the advantages.

What else should I know?

To achieve a visible result,Pass at least 10 sessions, each of which is done once a week. Changes will be noticeable after a month. But this is possible only if the acupuncture is carried out by a professional, since the needles should be placed in strictly defined points, and not according to the principle of turning the client into the likeness of a hedgehog. In terms of the duration of the results achieved, acupuncture facial lifting, which is not as numerous as that of other lifting procedures, can be expected to be renewed for at least a couple of years. If individual characteristics of that require, then to maintain the effect, you should repeat the procedure once a month.

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