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What is accreditation

What is accreditation

Confirmation of belonging to a group is temporarily created, as well as compliance with the specific requirements referred to by the word "accreditation".

Most often, this word can be heard from educators who argue for an extension of accreditation of the institution, or by journalists seeking to get to the press conference.

Accreditation is a procedure duringwhich revealed correspondence object to the norms and requirements of the basic classifications are established by law. Accreditation is not peculiar to the industrial sector, for which the rules are designed for licensing and certification. The procedure used in the field of accreditation, considered in the broad sense of service (this direct services, such as education, and the arts, and journalism, etc.)
Under accreditation fall more often:
- Higher education institutions,
- mass media,
- Hospitals,
- Diagnostic centers,
- Laboratories and research institutes,
- CAs.

Types of accreditation

There are two types of accreditation: public and private.

Non conducted by certified (ie "Tested" before state) private non-profit organizations, which may have its subdivisions, such as national or regional.
State accreditation is carried out andregularly confirmed by various federal agencies. As a result of the passage of any of accreditations and upon completion of all the procedures for a positive result given state certificate, which gives the right to carry out activities within the state standard. Thus, the experts prove the high level of service quality "audited" the organization and make a final assessment of its activities as a whole.

Accreditation in Journalism

Unlike many other areas where accreditationreceiving organization, accredited journalist in the often specific person. As a rule, required to organize media representatives are involved briefings or press conferences. In most cases it is sufficient to submit a personal request to participate in the event. However, in this form of accreditation may be refused, for example, the opposition media.

Accreditation in Healthcare

Medical clinics and centers are carefullyselection of highly qualified specialists in the field of public health. There is a whole network of international medical associations that evaluate the activity of various medical institutions.
Medical Accreditation in the world today is theformalized, for example, the adoption of the Covenant on the principles of integrity and honesty in conducting inspections, defined deadlines and the regularity of such interventions in the activities of doctors.

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