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What is abstract thinking

What is abstract thinking?

Abstract thinking to some extent peculiar to each individual. It is based on determining the characteristics and properties of objects, as well as translating them into the language of symbols.

This allows the mind to go beyond the boundaries of the real world and to predict the outcome of events.

Abstraction as a kind of thinking

Abstract thinking - this is the human ability toselectively transfer information about real objects into symbols, to use it to find solutions to specific practical problems. The most highly developed it in academics - physicists, mathematicians, etc. Fortunately Legacy manipulating symbols and notation, the man was able to learn many successful operations. Abstract thinking allows you to see what is happening at different angles to simulate the outcome of the event and make the abstract conclusions. To some extent, it is developed for each person, but to earn a strong mental apparatus, requires a significant investment of time, resources, and a strong passion in their field. Abstraction - a kind of synthesis of the properties of specific events, based on which a person can mentally "draw" a similar picture and think through their own model of the behavior of objects.

Thinking abstractly - means to allocate in the phenomenon or subject specific qualities and properties by manipulating whom, it would be possible to predict the results of practice.

The forms of abstract thinking

Abstract thinking can be divided into threebasic forms - the concept, judgment and reasoning. These are elements of a logical chain that enhance the human mind. The concept - a form of thinking, which reflects the essential features of one or more items on the basis of which judgments are based. The judgment - is a form of thinking, based on approval or denial of any links and patterns of the world, as well as items that are in it. Inference is a form of thinking that allows abstract thinking person infer on the basis of one or more propositions. Usually they are divided into two groups - the sending and the conclusion, which is displayed on the basis of them.

In addition to abstract thinking, a person canlearn the truth through perception and representation, but their level is often not enough. Abstraction allows you to expand the consciousness and mind to go beyond reality.

They are all able to think abstractly?

Abstract thinking is typical for an absolutelyall individuals without exception, however, can be developed to a different extent. The child begins to show it when he says that a cloud in the sky - it is a cow or a dragon. Abstractions are surrounded everywhere, to take at least an exact science of mathematics - solving any equations with unknowns is only possible if there is some degree of abstract thinking. A poet to his poem "cling" for the soul of the readers should create vivid images, sometimes abstracted from real objects, but only subtly hinting at their individual qualities. Abstraktniki speak the language of symbols and complex concepts, this process gives them maximum enjoyment - they live it.

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