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What is abnormal left ventricular chord

What is abnormal left ventricular chord

Abnormal chord (false chord) of the left ventricle of the heart - an inherent feature of the anatomical structure, which is usually the doctor discovers during the inspection of the newborn.

Usually, this diagnosis is not harmful to the normal operation of the heart and should not be cause for panic.

You will need

  • The dispensary card, results Echocardiography



Do not despair if the newborndetected abnormal chord of the left ventricle. It is a fibrous or fibro-muscular cord, located in the chamber of the left heart ventricle, and connects it to the opposite wall.


The chord of the left ventricle is the mostcommon type of small heart anomalies. Abnormal chords can be both multiple and single. It is important to know that false chord is a genetic anomaly and inherited mainly from the mother, who sometimes do not even realize the presence at such an education.


Note that a child's abnormal notochordIt does not show any symptoms. As a rule, it can detect a pediatrician, he heard the noise in the heart. This diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound. In children, abnormal chord is detected more often, due to an increase in heart size and displacement of the chords themselves. This anomaly does not disturb the process of circulation. However, sometimes it may cause an arrhythmia that can be controlled using an optional toddler survey.


Parents of a child with anomaly detection shouldknow that there is no medical treatment in this case is not required. As a rule, the prevention of circulatory disorders is in compliance with the regime of sleep and food. The diet of the child shall be more foods rich in magnesium and potassium (cereals, greens, legumes, dried fruits). In some cases, a cardiologist additionally assigns preparations of trace elements, as well as tools to improve the blood supply to the heart.


A child with a false chord requires timelythe treatment of neurological and other chronic diseases. In addition, if this anomaly is recommended to engage in therapeutic exercises and avoid heavy physical exertion. Many patients live with this diagnosis, often without even knowing about it. Usually abnormal notochord do not interfere with a full life.

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