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WHAT is a wedge-shaped tooth defect

What is a wedge-shaped tooth defect

Everyone wants to have a "perfect smile"!

Unfortunately, teeth lurks many dangers.

All kinds of diseases of the mouth - a problem faced by most of the world's population.

Currently, dentistry is equipped with modern technology, along with high-quality treatment, it pays great attention to the aesthetic side of the issue.

Signs of a wedge-shaped tooth defect

Among the common dental pathologiesnon-carious nature - wedge-shaped defect in the tooth. It manifests V-like lesions of enamel in the neck of the tooth. Usually, this disease occurs in the small canines and molars. If treatment is not started in the early stages of the disease, a person begins to disturb tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sour, sweet and mechanical stimuli.

Some dentists suggest that a wedge-shaped defect of tooth - one of the symptoms of periodontal lesions.

Causes of wedge tooth defect

To date, the views of dentistsreasons for the formation of this disease differ. Some believe that tooth decay begins under the influence of liquid and gaseous food, as well as at regular mechanical damage tooth (solid bristle of the toothbrush). Others suggest that the cause must be sought in the internal human diseases. Until the end it is not known whether these factors cause the formation of a wedge-shaped defect, but the cause of its development, clearly are. In addition, this pathology can cause an overbite (occlusion), contributing to an uneven distribution of the load on the teeth. All versions of the causes of this disease have the right to exist. Therefore, for effective selection methods of treatment, each case is considered individually.

Very often, bad breath is a symptom of a chronic disease rather than a consequence of consumption of food.

Principles of treatment and prophylaxis of a wedge-shaped tooth defect?

One method of treatment is to eliminatedental hypersensitivity using varnishes, ointments and special toothpastes brine. The most common way to resolve the problem - filling, due to which the tooth becomes nice and smooth, the pain disappears. An effective method of treatment of this disease - the installation of the veneer (ceramic tooth lining), which often eliminates the root cause of the defect. If the cause of the wedge-shaped defect of the teeth is malocclusion, it is first necessary to do remediation.
Prevention of this disease includeproper technique for brushing their teeth, the use of calcined and fluorinated toothpaste, elimination of malocclusion, early treatment of oral diseases and the thyroid gland.

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