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What is a temporary tattoo

What is a temporary tattoo

Drawings on the body since ancient times attracted people.

It is connected both with the desire to adorn themselves, and with the desire to be different, to be different, to have some kind of secret. Quite often the tattoo has a special meaning for its owner.

Not everyone will dare to make a permanent tattoo.

The difference from regular temporary tattoos

Broadly tattoo - a drawing,applied under the skin with the introduction of colored pigment. Under the temporary tattoos often understand the pattern shown on the body by means of specific dyes. Most often used for this purpose natural henna.

henna tattoos

Henna - a natural dye derived from plants. It is absolutely harmless to the skin and allows the application of the image for a short time - a week or two.
Temporary tattoos applied with henna,It is a kind of body art, applied by experienced artists throughout the vast amount of time. The advantage of this type of tattoo is not just a limited period of time of its existence on the body, but also the absence of negative effects on the skin.
Henna has no age restrictions and will not bringno harm to the skin. It rarely causes irritation and allergic reactions. In addition, the drawing itself, made with henna good quality, not smeared over the body, not colors of clothes and disappears from the skin gradually, day by day becoming more and more light and unobtrusive. This happens because the henna is absorbed in the upper stratum corneum. Slowly peel and flake pattern "disappears" from the skin.
Color Image, Henna applied, hasa nice brown color, so the picture looks great on tanned body. In addition, because the image will last long, like body art - a great way to make changes to the exterior, express or decorate themselves to any particular event.

A little history

Prints using henna know verylong. The greatest skill of professionals reached India and Central Asia. In India, there is even a special term for body painting with natural dyes - mehendi. In the present drawings directories mainly vegetable and abstract images which are applied to a large area of ​​the body surface. The most common pattern is positioned on the outside and back of your hands, arms, feet and legs. It is believed that these designs have special powers and carry out different meaning.


Temporary tattoos are applied not only byhenna. salons Masters beautifully paint the skin with special color gels, paints, sequins and rhinestones. It all depends on the imagination of the artist and the customer desires. All formulations are also completely harmless to the skin and erased in a few days after application.

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