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What is a tattoo of a star

What does a tattoo of a star

Getting your tattoos - a very common way of modifying your own body. However, the tattoo - it's not just a pretty picture.

Typically, it carries also meaning and reflects the inner world of its owner.

Star - is a symbol that has been used for thousands of years in various parts of the world and in different religions. Depending on the type of stars are different and the values ​​of this figure.

Falling star

People nowadays know what a shooting star - ameteor passing through its upper atmosphere. However, this phenomenon is still shrouded in mystery. Romance, peering up at the starry sky make a wish to see a bright star flared up, sliding down the sky. Usually tattoo shooting stars stuffed dreamers who want to attract into your life good luck and realize their dreams come true. This tattoo can be either a single feed star and portray a meteor shower.


Once tattoos with images of starfishIt was popular among sailors. When applying the given symbol, they counted on the protection of the sea gods, so they do not sink the ship in bad weather and let safely get home. Today, people can put this image on the body, for similar reasons: to obtain help from a higher power and not to stray from its path, which should lead to a cozy place, where they will wait for loved ones. However, starfish - exotic resident of the underwater world, and tattoo it can occur in humans, carried away marine life.

Star of David

But the star of David carries a religious significance. It symbolizes God's rule over the universe. The person who inflicted on his body like a sign, obviously, is a believer.


The pentagram or five-pointed star - isprotective symbol. It was used in a variety of religions, and today its value may vary: the owner could fill it for magical ritual, and simply for aesthetic reasons. The star can symbolize the five elements of light, means unity with nature, or belonging to a heaven. In Christianity, five stars all reminiscent of the five wounds inflicted on Christ. Also, the star is often considered a symbol of femininity and is associated with the planet Venus, which shines in the sky at sunset and sunrise. Girl making a tattoo probably keen to stress in itself traits such as tenderness, attention, charm. The inverted five-pointed star is one of the most popular characters from the Satanists. Man wearing on his body this figure obviously have similar views.

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