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What is a system of exchange rate stabilization

Vehicle Stability Control helps to avoid demolition and skidding

Vehicle Stability Control System and Stability - one of the auxiliary systems of the car to help prevent skids and drifts when driving in bends.

Currently, it is mandatory equipped with all new cars in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Development Stability systems beganin 1987 through the unification of anti-lock braking system and traction control systems. The first production car equipped with such a system, became the Japanese Mitsubishi Diamante in 1990. A 1992 exchange rate stability system begins to be equipped with BMW cars and Mercedes Benz.

The system works

If at the time of the demolition of the car to slow down oneof the wheels, the car can return to the old path of rotation, and thereby eliminated a dangerous loss of control situation. Typically, the rear wheel is braked, which is on the inner radius of rotation and at the same time, using the traction control system, reset the vehicle speed.
In the case of skidding the rear of the machine, the systemStability brakes the front wheel running on the outside turning radius. Generated thereby counter-point leads to the elimination of skidding.
If the loss of control occurred dueSlip all four wheels turn on a more sophisticated algorithm for engaging the brakes. Thus, the efficiency of the system allows the driver to correct the error, preventing demolition and skidding, and helping to restore control over the machine. The system can operate at any speed and any mode except when the speed is too high, and the turning radius is too small. Even a perfect system is powerless against the laws of physics.

system device

As has already been said, the system works on the basis ofsensor ABS (antilock brake system) and traction control system. In addition, exchange rate stability system uses readings rudder position sensor, a speedometer and accelerometer - sensor tracking the actual vehicle turning.
When reading the rudder position sensoraccelerometer diverge, the main controller understands that the car lost control and went into a skid (demolition). With the speed sensor calculates the necessary force to be transmitted to the brake of a wheel. If necessary, the traction control system is commanded to reset the speed.
The main controller system consists of twomicroprocessors, read and process the sensor readings. They provide the system response time of 20 milliseconds. This means that within 20 ms after the onset of a skid system starts to fight with him. And as soon as he will be prevented, independently switches off for 20 ms.
Modern systems Stability II andIII generation combine the functions of not only the anti-lock braking system and traction control systems, and brake force distribution system, help system at emergency braking system and prevent tipping. At present SUVs using the tool during the descent from the mountain, and at the start of the hill.
Honda and Acura interaxle on the latest models andrear cross-axle viskomufty flexibly distributes torque between the axles and the rear wheels act in concert with stability control. This efficiency is greatly improved stability control, demolition and skidding often prevented them in the beginning and the driver hardly notices the loss of control.

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