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WHAT management system

What is a Management System

management system - a very difficult, complex concept that is used in any business. Without an understanding of this concept, it is very difficult to build a high-quality administrative staff.

But before you understand its essence, it is necessary to consider a number of concepts and definitions.

Control - The function of any element of organized systems. Management maintains the mode of activity, maintaining a certain structure of the system, while also helping to implement the goals and programs. In any organization allocated manage and control subsystems.

The subject of management - A control part, body exercisingadministrative influence. In business, a subject of control often understand the supervisory board, the shareholders meeting, the CEO and heads of divisions.

Organ - A structural part of the system, in whichthere are separate, independent functions. The main body of the task - the maintenance of the organization at the level of output that meets the specified operating conditions.

management object - The part of the organization, which is aimed management activities. These include not only the organization, but also its constituent elements: departments, employees, etc.

Thus, it can be concluded that control system - A collection of objects, subjects of management, their relationships, as well as certain processes that provide a given operation.

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