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What is a split personality

What is a split personality

Split personality or multiple personality split - the phenomenon in which a man gets two or more persons.

They have a different way of thinking, facial expression, handwriting, and sometimes they even happen accent.

Sometimes they differ in intelligence and age.

Widely publicized syndrome received through the work of psychiatrists Corbett Thigpen and Hervey Cleckley "Three Faces of Eve," published in 1957. Their work is described in detail the case of Eve White patients.

Dissociative identity disorder- This term experts called splitpersonality. In their view, such a definition is more suitable for the description of this phenomenon: the personality is divided into identity, which can not be considered complete.

Symptoms of the disorder may manifest itself in anyage. The cause is often a serious injury, both physical and mental, traces of which even with the time it is difficult to erase. Most often, such a person gets injured a child. Although he may not remember it, a defense mechanism is activated when the situation demands.

The main symptoms of the disorder include:

  1. The man coexisted at least two states, each of which had its own pattern of behavior, values ​​and world view.
  2. At least two identity alternately take power over the mind, leading to a loss of touch with reality.
  3. Man forgets important information about yourself, and it goes beyond the usual distractions.
  4. The reason the state can not be considered the use of toxic substances, such as alcohol or drugs, or disease.

Despite the emergence of new personalities, the mainIt does not disappear. The number of identities may eventually increase. This is due to the fact that man creates for himself a new state in which it would have been better able to cope with a particular situation.

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