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What is a split personality


What is a split personality</a>

Split personality, or multiple splitting of personality - a phenomenon in which two or more persons coexist in a person.

They have different thinking, facial expressions, handwriting, sometimes they even have an accent.

Sometimes they are different intellect and age.

The syndrome was widely publicized thanks to the work of psychiatrists Corbett Tigpen and Hervey Cleckley "The Three Faces of Eve," published in 1957. Their work described in detail the case of Eva White's patient.

Dissociative identity disorderExperts call this term bifurcationPersonality. In their opinion, such a definition is more suitable for describing this phenomenon: a person is divided into identities that can not be considered full-fledged.

Symptoms of the disorder can manifest themselves in anyAge. The cause is often a serious injury, both physical and mental, traces of which even with time it is difficult to erase. Most often, a person receives this trauma in childhood. Although he may not remember it, the protective mechanism is turned on when the situation requires it.

The main symptoms of the disorder include:

  1. In a person there are at least two states, in each of which he has his own pattern of behavior, values ​​and worldview.
  2. At least two identities alternately take power over consciousness, which leads to a loss of connection with reality.
  3. A person forgets important information about himself, and this goes beyond the usual absent-mindedness.
  4. The cause of the condition can not be considered the use of poisonous substances, like alcohol or drugs, or disease.

Despite the emergence of new personalities, the mainDoes not disappear anywhere. The number of identities may increase with time. This is due to the fact that a person creates for himself new states in which he could better cope with a particular situation.

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