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What is a social system

What is the social system

Social system - a rather complicated form of human relations, it implies a certain goal.

It is most often associated with the development of nature, society or certain social groups.

However, to fully understand this concept, it is necessary to take into account a number of facts.

In the broadest sense, the social system - a highly organized complex of relations between different individuals.

However, the social system may be referred to different levels. Depending on the type of organization, place in society, purpose, spirit and relationships with the environment, distinguish 5 main types:

  1. All human society. This includes completely the totality of individuals living on Earth.
  2. The concrete historical community. This includes not only people on the relationship between them (political, economic, spiritual and social). Example: American Society.
  3. Class, nation, ethnic group, elite, etc. This should include any association of people of lower order.
  4. Organization. First of all, a business. But here also include research organizations, financial institutions, institutions and so on.
  5. Land, teams, etc. In fact, the primary group of people, workers on any production or involved in informal organizations.

Also, any social system can be divided into 4 main groups:

  • People. The most important component of the social system.
  • Processes. That is, any activity related to political, economic, social, or spiritual realm.
  • Household items. They ensure the functioning of the system and facilitate the achievement of the objectives.
  • Cultural and social ideas. These include the traditions, customs, values, etc.

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