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What is a "panacea"

What is a "panacea"

Scenes of ancient myths penetrated deeply into modern life.

Many terms and sayings in the Russian language are derived from the names of gods and heroes of ancient Greece, for example, the word "cure."

The history - Asclepius

One of the most revered gods in Greece wasAsclepius, the god of healing, with a very difficult destiny. His parents were radiant Apollo, the god of sunlight and patron of the arts, and the nymph Coronis, the granddaughter of the god of war Ares and destruction. Nymph preferred Apollo mortal man Iskhiya, and it was killed by Apollo's sister Artemis. When the body is burned at the stake nymphs, Apollo took from her stomach and gave the infant Asklepios foster wise and kindly centaur Chiron.

Chiron has repeatedly demonstrated pedagogical talent, nurtured heroes Jason, Achilles, the Dioscuri, Orpheus.

A skilled healer Chiron taught Asclepiusmedical case. Apollo, who was himself the patron of doctors, said the son of the secret medical knowledge. Asclepius became so great healer that defeated death itself. In order not to disrupt the orderly flow of life, at the request of Zeus, the god of death Thanatos killed Asclepius lightning, but then, at the request of Apollo had taken from the dead and ascended into heaven. Who looks at the Asclepius mortals who so successfully assisted in the form of the constellation Ophiuchus.
Perhaps the prototype became a mythological heroa real historical figure - Thessalian king of Asclepius, and his sons took part in the Trojan War as healers. The descendants of Asclepius called themselves Hippocrates and Aristotle.

In Roman mythology, Asclepius Aesculapius match. Subsequently, "Aesculapius" were jokingly called all the doctors.

Children of Asclepius

Asclepius was married to Epione, goddessanalgesia and anesthesia. Their children also dedicated themselves to healing and become great healers and protectors of physicians: Swallowtail - surgeons Podalirius - therapists Telesphorus patronized recovering. However, the most famous daughter of Asclepius: Hygieia, goddess of health, and Panacea, the all-healing.
In the name of Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea swore doctors of ancient Greece, promising to measure the forces to carry out their duties in relation to the patient and fellow profession.
On behalf of the branch of medicine called Hygieia hygiene,which deals with the study and implementation of a healthy lifestyle. On behalf of the Panacea was the word "cure" means a device which is to heal all diseases. His search of the Middle Ages, alchemists engaged at the same time with the search for the philosopher's stone which could turn any metal into gold and gave immortality to the owner. Now this term refers to a way to solve any problem, not just health.

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