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WHAT is the mobile app store


What is a mobile app store?</a>

Using the mobile application store is a convenient and fast way to download programs for the phone.

The process of downloading and installing programs from such a store is fully automated.

The name "application store" is notAbsolutely correct. It is difficult to imagine a trade point in which from 30 to 70 percent of the names of goods would be distributed free of charge. And mobile "shops" are exactly such, except that "goods" in them are immaterial. Of course, to pay for downloading programs access to the Internet has all the same, so it's better to choose an unlimited tariff.

From a technical point of view, the mobile storeApplication is a program that is part of the firmware of the smartphone. Before using it, the client must undergo a simple registration procedure in the application itself or in the browser of the phone or computer. After that, you are given a login and password to log into your account.

By running the store and entering your account information,The user can view the list of available applications. He can choose in it different categories, and sometimes subcategories. You can also search for applications by keywords and phrases.

Having chosen the program you liked, the userImmediately receives data on its cost. If it is paid, it is offered to pay for it via SMS, credit card or virtual account, which can be replenished through a payment machine. The list of available payment methods depends on the manufacturer of the phone. Pay for a purchase from the card is not recommended, because its data can be intercepted by intruders. If the program is free, you can start the process of downloading and installing it by pressing just one button. Sometimes, however, after that you need to enter a password.

Programs for some mobile operating theatersSystems can only be downloaded in this way. These are, for example, iOS (a store for her called the App Store) and Windows Phone 7 (Windows Phone Marketplace). Other platforms allow you to install applications from third-party sources, but the store is still much more convenient and safe. Examples of such OS are Symbian 9 (Nokia Store, in the past - Ovi Store) and Android (Google Play, in the past - Android Market).

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