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What is a mobile application store

What is a mobile application store

Using the mobile application store is a convenient and fast way to download programs for your phone.

The process of downloading and installing programs from this store is fully automated.

The name "app store" is notquite correct. It is hard to imagine the point of sale, in which 30 to 70 per cent of the names of the goods to give away free. A mobile "stores" are exactly, except that the "goods" they are immaterial. Of course, to pay for downloading programs access to the Internet is necessary anyway, so it's best to choose unlimited tariff.

From a technical point of view, mobile shopapplication is a program that is included with the smartphone firmware. Before using it the customer must go through a simple registration procedure in the application itself or in the phone's browser or computer. Thereafter assigned username and password to log in to your account.

Running the shop and entering account datathe user can view the list of available applications. He can choose its various categories, subcategories and sometimes. You can also search for applications by keywords and phrases.

Selecting your favorite program, the userimmediately receives data about its value. If she paid, he offered to pay for it via SMS, credit card or virtual account, which you can recharge via the payment terminal. The list of available payment methods depends on the phone manufacturer. To pay for the purchase with the card is not recommended because of its data can be intercepted by hackers. If the program is free of charge, to run the process of downloading and installation by pressing just one button. Sometimes, though, then you must enter your password.

Software for all mobile operatingSystems can be downloaded only in this way. Such, for example, iOS (for her store called App Store) and Windows Phone 7 (Windows Phone Marketplace). Others platforms allow to install applications from third-party sources, but use the shop is still noticeably more comfortable and safer. Examples of such operating systems - Symbian 9 (Nokia Store, in the past - Ovi Store) and Android (Google Play, in the past - Android Market).

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