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What is a mixed economic system

What is a mixed economic system

The concept of the economic system includes a device of farming in the country as a whole.

In total there are four distinct systems: traditional, command, market and mixed.

Mixed economic system - a successful synthesiscommand and a market economy. From the lessons of history, we can conclude that the Soviet Union with their command policies and capitalist West with the market conduct of affairs periodically experienced severe crises caused by different reasons. By the end of 20 - early 21 th century began to form a post-industrial society. The new structure of the state and modern humans differ in their thinking, really needed a flexible and sustainable economy that would allow to develop at a good pace. So a mixed economic system.
Of course, this process is one day or oneof the year. The gradual integration of the state in the economy require support for the industry requires a clear limit. The private sector with its business and the state with its financial strength should fully support each other to achieve maximum results and prosperity of society.

Mixed economy in Russia

Today in Russia, if we follow the news forlast year, we can see the trend as the government supports small businesses to medium-sized businesses in some areas reduces taxes, etc., that is, in every way contributes to the rapid development of the spheres of interest.
As in the days of the Russian Empire, therea row of private companies to perform government contracts. Of course, then it was much simpler than it is now, today is an opportunity to earn and help the country to do the best companies on the market.
There are examples of combining private andState capital in different areas of production and the economy in particular. The Russian Federation is still a long way to the ultimate goal, but we can already see that it is moving in the right direction.

Why do we need a mixed economy

This state policy is aimed in the firstturn on the stabilization of the economy in the country, creating a favorable environment for further growth, the formation of the middle class and other problems that could not be solved solely by the command, or the market economy.
The most striking example of the successful application of thisSystem - China. In this country, even during the economic crisis experienced GDP growth, which is very good. Business and government in China to understand each other so that life becomes really better for everyone. Are achieved and goals of the state and the desire of ordinary people who work in the factories.

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