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What is a hybrid plant

What is a hybrid plant

Today's farmers are increasingly prefer hybrid plants that scare some people do not trust the movement of progress.

Sales of hybrid fruits and vegetables on the market are notis news, however, in spite of this, buyers are still wary of them, for fear of unknown mutations and other common horror stories.

plant Hybridization

In agriculture, hybrid plantsThey represent the final result of crossing different species of flora. In nature, the process of cross-breeding of animal species occurs without human intervention, whereas plants hybridized scientists who wish to achieve a certain goal. So, thanks to the hybrid varieties, vegetables give higher yield and are able to quickly adapt to different climatic conditions. Additionally, hybrid plants are more resistant to pests and changing weather conditions.

To date, hybrid products are grown almost everywhere, and most varieties of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown by hybridization.

However, this method have also minuses. Hybrid plants are either sterile or their seeds will not yield the same improved fruit that is directly related to signs of splitting. However, anyone can bring their own hybrid plant, which can be useful in the economy and may become a new agricultural sensational views.

How to bring a hybrid

Pollination is well tolerated squash, pumpkinand squash. Therefore, to obtain a new hybrid plant varieties should be several different types of any of these vegetables in close proximity to each other. Insects pollinate them by transferring pollen of one plant to the other - and the result is likely to become an unprecedented squash or zucchini.

Hybrid plants do not always take their "parents' best qualities - they often give small and ugly in all respects harvest.

You can also display a hybrid variety of strawberries,however, there is already a serious need to attach the hand. Posryvat should be fully ripe inflorescences of plants, hybridizers, collect from them with a soft brush pollen and gently place it on the stigma of the experimental plants. Each flower pollination must be placed in individual transparent bag and tie it with string.
For hybrid strawberries have to waitfull maturity, and rip them to dry for seeds. For sowing taken only small strawberry seeds, which are usually crunch on your teeth and get stuck in them by eating strawberries or strawberry jam. They and seeded as seedlings for a hybrid variety of delicious wild berries.

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