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What is a crime

What is a crime

The conceptual apparatus of modern jurisprudence is quite developed.

For the purposes of classification of offensescivil, criminal and administrative law introduced whole categories of concepts with distinct character acts to distinguish, for example, the crime of an administrative offense.

The offense is defined as threateningsocial life act (action and / or inaction), which is prohibited under the Criminal Code. The Code prescribed not only all punishment for offenses committed by individuals or group of individuals, but also clear signs of classifying the acts as well as mitigating and aggravating circumstances that allow variably apply the system of punishments. An important difference between the crime of non-criminal offense is the presence of the person's guilt. Wines - subjective relation of man to do or what was intended, awareness and moral evaluation of their own actions. The concept of guilt is one of the most difficult in criminology, but that it is the key, among other signs of a crime.

Today, all the actions of a criminal nature are divided into several categories. Their division into types based on the principle of gravity caused by a person or damage to society.

Law violation

Crimes are against the law. Police officers have to deal with criminal acts of varying severity. These are criminal acts:
- Against the person without injury, also called such acts of minor gravity,
- Moderate severity,
- Serious,
- Very serious.
In the western classification offenses are defined as intentional, deliberate and unintentional.

Classification and punishment

Petty offenses punishable by a conditionalpunishment, forced labor or term of imprisonment not exceeding 2 years. In most cases we are talking about acts committed by negligence. medium gravity crimes are acts of intentional type, followed by a penalty of not more than 5 years in prison, though at the discretion of the court may be appointed and suspended sentence.

The criminals serving sentences for these types ofthe crimes are often unable to be released before the appointed time - they are entitled to parole, and fall under the amnesty.

Violent crimes in the modern worldIt occurs not infrequently. They are a type of intentional offenses for which punishment is given within ten years in prison. At the discretion of the court measure of coercion in the form of restrictions on freedom can be executed in a penal colony, prison or correctional facility for special purposes. Major crimes belong to the category of the most difficult, punishing them - the most severe. Up to the highest measure, which, incidentally, in the Russian Federation is under moratorium, giving the criminals hope to obtain freedom.

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