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What is cookie files

Cookies allow you to store usernames and passwords on sites

HTTP cookie - are short pieces of text stored by various sites and allow them to distinguish between users. They are sent to the browser and the web server are stored on personal computers.

The idea of ​​using them came in 1994 thanks to the developer Lou Montulli.

What are cookies and what they eat

A cookie (Eng. "Biscuits") - are short pieces of text, allows the site to remember information about the visitor, such as the language in which you prefer to view content. These fragments are automatically transferred to the browser during the initial visit a particular site.
Generally speaking, customized settingsdesign and behavior on the sites is based on cookies. However, despite its convenience, they are a matter of concern and criticism among Internet users because they are extremely easy to intercept or replaced. However, the main danger is only deanonimizatsii potential and gaining access to a user account. No virus, no cookies can not be spyware, because they are merely a set of characters.
Cookies are used enormous amount ofsites, including all major online stores, all of them can be classified into different categories: Preference cookies, security, processes, advertising, and session state. It makes sense to examine them more closely.

Types of cookie files

A cookie preference (PREF) allowkeep the necessary information on the user settings required, and remember its location. Thus, the site selected fonts stored parameters, interface, preferred language, etc. If you lose the cookie data, the site will become less user-friendly and personalized, but the quality of work is not affected.
Cookies are used for security authentication, andand to protect personal information from unauthorized access. So, cookie SID and HSID contain encrypted data identifier google-account, and the exact time of the last login. This prevents theft of the information entered by filling in forms on websites.
Cookies processes - one of the most important: without them the site will not work properly. They provide access to secure areas of the site and make the transition from one Web page to another.
Cookies advertising allows advertisers to personalize advertisements make it more relevant, to prevent the demonstration one user of the same ad.
Cookies store session state information thathow often a user visits the site. They collect data on the frequently visited pages, allow you to make bookmarks, save the state of the site is viewed when the user left it, but then returned. This makes the work more comfortable.

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