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What is a congenital heart defect

What is a congenital heart defect

Congenital heart disease - congenital disorders in the development of large vessels and the heart, leading to their failure and overload.

Congenital heart disease and blood vessels can occur both individually and in various combinations.

Congenital diseases are called, who appeared before the birth, during pregnancy. And not always, these diseases are hereditary.
Congenital heart disease (CHD) - a diverse group of diseases that includes both mild forms, and incompatible with the state of life.
There is evidence that the majority of children with congenital heart disease kills up to a year. From year to fifteen years, the risk of death is reduced. There are cases when people live a fairly long life with CHD disease.

Factors leading to the birth of a child with CHD

- Environmental factors - ionizing radiation, teratogenic effects on plod-

Teratogenic - property factor causing disorders of fetal development, leading to the emergence of developmental abnormalities.

- Viral infections - influenza virus, and rubella. Danger can occur if the disease occurs in the first three months beremennosti-
- alkogolizm-
- Systemic lupus volchanka-
- diabet-
- Genetic predisposition - parents with CHD risk of having a child with the same disease increases to 50%.

AMS Group

Systematize the disease on the effects on the pulmonary circulation. Depending on this, there are following groups:
- Vices with a slightly altered or unaltered pulmonary krovotokom-
- Defects of the pulmonary circulation with gipervolemiey-
- Defects of the pulmonary circulation with gipovolemiey-
- Defects in violation of the interaction between the great vessels and the heart.

Hypervolemia - increase in blood volume, which leads to heart failure. Hypovolemia - a decrease in blood volume, which leads to violations of the microcirculation.

The practical significance of the separation of congenital heart disease in the group is to facilitate their diagnosis - the correct method of choice for diagnosis.

Prevention of CHD

Prevention of the disease is conventionally divided into the prevention of CHD, the prevention of the development and prevention of complications.
Prevention of CHD is primarily a genetic expert advice and advocacy among people at high risk.
Prevention of CHD is reduced to the establishment of defect, the proper care of the child and identify the optimal method of correction of the UPU.
PRT prevention of complications and depends on the individual themselves complications.

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