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WHAT is congenital heart disease


What is congenital heart disease? </a>

Congenital heart disease - congenital disorders in the development of large vessels and hearts, leading to their insufficiency and overload.

Congenital pathologies of the heart and blood vessels can occur both individually and in various combinations.

Congenital diseases are those that appeared before birth, during pregnancy. And not always these diseases are hereditary.
Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a heterogeneous group of diseases, including both light forms and incompatible with life conditions.
There is evidence that the bulk of children with UPU die before the year. From one year to fifteen years, the risk of death is reduced. There are cases when a person lives a long enough life with a disease of UPU.

The factors leading to the birth of a child with CHD

- environmental factors - ionizing radiation, which has a teratogenic effect on the fetus.

Teratogenic - the property of the factor, causing the development of the fetus, leading to the emergence of developmental anomalies.

- viral diseases - influenza and rubella virus. Danger is observed if the disease occurs in the first three months of pregnancy,
- alcoholism-
- systemic lupus erythematosus-
- Diabetes-
- genetic predisposition - in parents with CHD, the risk of having a child with the same disease increases to 50%.

UPU groups

Systematize the disease by affecting the pulmonary blood flow. Depending on this, the following groups are distinguished:
- vices with slightly altered or unchanged pulmonary blood flow-
- defects of a small circle of a circulation with a hypervolemia-
- defects of a small circle of a circulation with a hypovolemia-
- Vices with impaired interaction between large vessels and parts of the heart.

Hypervolaemia is an increase in the volume of blood leading to heart failure. Hypovolemia - a decrease in the volume of blood, leading to violations of microcirculation.

The practical importance of the division of congenital heart defects into groups is to simplify their diagnosis - the correct choice of method for diagnosis.

Prevention of CHD

Prevention of the disease is conventionally divided into prevention of the onset of CHD, prevention of development and prevention of developmental complications.
Prevention of the emergence of the UPU basically consists in consulting a genetic expert, as well as outreach work among people at high risk of the disease.
Prevention of the development of the UPU is reduced to establishing a blemish, proper care of the child and determining the optimal method for correcting the UPU.
Prevention of complications of UPU is individual and depends on the complications themselves.

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