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What is a computer virus Chernobyl

What is a computer virus Chernobyl

There is a huge variety ofcomputer viruses, but the number of world-renowned dozens measured. "Chernobyl" is one of them, and it still remember that although the virus appeared more than 10 years ago.

Principle and history of the name of the virus "Chernobyl"

The official name of the computer virus- CIH or Virus.Win9x.CIH. "Chernobyl," he called, as he was activated April 26, 1999 - the anniversary of the famous tragedy. The creator of the virus, a student from Taiwan Chen Inha, wrote his program in June 1998, but was waiting for her launch until April 26, 1999 (the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster), which, of course, can hardly be considered a coincidence.

The second version of the origin of the name of the virus is that it has destroyed a lot of computers and operating systems has become a kind of major disaster.

The virus only works on OS Windows 95/98 - bothsystems have been widely distributed at the time of writing. He has three versions, which differ from each other in length, features code and trigger date: one version was activated 26 of each month.
The essence of the "Chernobyl" of work is simple: It prescribes a code in the operating system memory, intercepted the launch files with the .exe, and then writes its code in them. The virus does not manifest itself before the scheduled date, but because like a time bomb. April 26, he was activated, deletes all data on hard disks and further damaged the Flash BIOS. It was impossible to restore the files, so damage caused by the virus turned out to be enormous.

The consequences of "Chernobyl"

Chen Inha first infected computers in theirUniversity, after which the virus hit the network and eventually turned on the hard disks of hundreds of thousands of people. Viral epidemic swept China, Australia, Austria, England, Israel and many other countries.

The Russians are not too badly affected by the "Chernobyl", but traces of the virus have been in our country.

According to averaged data from the "Chernobyl" has sufferedmore than 500 thousand. computers around the world, though many of them were stored important data, so people suffered great losses due to the actions of Chen Inha. In this case the student himself did not imagine that it would be a virus so widespread, because he planned to hold a "experiment" only within the framework of the University of Datong.
The experts did not have to search for the author soserious and terrible virus. Inha realized that with time it will certainly calculate, but because, having decided not to aggravate the situation, turned himself in and even publicly apologized to the people affected by the virus to infect computers it. For this he received a serious reprimand in his university.

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