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What is the business case

What is the business case

To own business is constantly evolving, and the company you created was kept afloat, you need to be skilled in business.

Therefore, the business-learning has become extremely popular, and part of it is to work with business cases.

Business training - is new for Russiapedagogical direction. It is based on a combination of theoretical and practical exposure to the use of the knowledge gained. Conception in the early stages of knowledge management systems and management educators and business trainers suggest using a business-case method. Invented by Harvard University, this method not only helps to study techniques of successful business, but also to disassemble the situation, which had been in actual practice firms.

He became extremely popular in schools, which are engaged in business training as well as training centers and some recruitment agencies.

Bicness case

The term business case is defined as the studya situation that was the place to be in the existing reality of the company. The business case is not an artificially created situation a teacher, and this is its special practical significance and uniqueness.
Business case applied toidentify the student with the knowledge of a particular business process, as well as the ability to think outside the box, analyze and make decisions in the real world, work in a team, to maneuver, to draw conclusions and propose solutions.
The business case is comprehensivelyconsideration of a situation that happened in a particular company. The situation includes many components: the internal situation of the company information, personnel reserve and capacity, often - interpersonal relations team, founders and partners of its external affairs, its nearest competitor, analytical data, and how the company has changed during the time of its existence, under the influence of external factors.
The value of the method and that the solutionproposed by the students, it can be compared to that decision, which found the company to solve the problem. Furthermore, teachers usually have information on further developments, which allows us to say that the company has responded correctly or the decision of students it would be preferable for it.

Stress case

Solving presented business situations, studentsThey face many challenges, because they have to work with approximate data, with a limited amount of information. However, business cases are effective and are much can be learned in its follow-up in business. They help to find out what could be the situation in reality and how to cope with them. Also, they need to apply their knowledge in a business area on the practical training during the training.

The same method is used by large companies to test candidates for employment.

Separate cases the decision is oftenqualification exams, which is also called stress. The student is placed in a closed room and provide educational materials. During the allotted amount of time it is proposed to solve the portfolio cases, and you can use any of the information systems.

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