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WHAT iron soap

What is iron soap

Soap - a daily human companion and indispensable companion in the fight against germs and dirt. On the shelves of supermarkets is always a huge selection of shapes, colors and flavors of the product.

But did you know that for 10 years there is a unique kind of soap - iron.

Iron soap differently called odonayzer. This item is made of alloy stainless steel. It is believed that odonayzer - opening of the Chinese, but the exact data confirming this fact, there is.
The classical form of the steel soap - rounded andslightly flattened. But some companies produce and exclusive product in the form of a pyramid, flat triangle, polygon, etc. Also odonayzer can put company logo or the name of the restaurant, for example.
Complete with metal soaps are often offered interesting design solutions in the form of stands and packaging for this engineering marvel.
Inside the hollow iron soap, so a standard piece weight is only 40-60 grams.

What is the secret odonayzera

Iron fine soap removes corrosive handssmells of garlic, fish, onions, petrol and other odorous substances. To do this, simply hold odonayzer under cool running water for about thirty seconds and "soap" hand like you're doing it the usual soap.
The fact that the cause of the sharp odor of products is sulfur. A iron by water reacts with sulfoxides, neutralizing them.
Wash odonayzerom can not only hands, but alsocutlery and utensils. Some housewives say that if a piece of iron soap, moistened with water, put in the fridge, and there never have unpleasant odors.

What soap is best: traditional or metal?

Sure, odonayzera a lot of pluses:
- It is environmentally friendly, because it is not the subject of consumer himii-
- Practically eternal, if contact with him naznacheniyu-
- Easy to travel and komandirovkah-
- deshev-
- Works even in cold water.
But before the traditional fat-based soap atodonayzera, unfortunately, there is one major drawback - the iron soap does not kill germs. Therefore, to say that the metal soap can completely replace conventional, it would be wrong. Rather odonayzer - this is an additional and very convenient in some situations an assistant in daily life.

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