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WHAT install windows 7: home premium or ultimate

What to install windows 7: home premium or ultimate

When choosing a version of the Windows 7 operating systemIt should be guided by a budget the size that you want to allocate to purchase the licensed version and level requirements, which you present to the system.

Versions Home Premium and Ultimate editions support different complementary technologies, which are not implemented in a more simple system configuration.

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium is the second afterUltimate version, which is available in Microsoft implemented functions. Certainly, Home Premium is a complete system that has full support for Aero Glass interface, which is absent in all previous versions (Home Basic and Starter). The system supports both 32, and the same 64-bit computers, and therefore can be run on almost any hardware.

The Home Premium implemented management features work desk and Aero Peak Aero Shake, which will make the work more enjoyable and effective.

In the extended version of the home there is a possibilitycreating home groups- are enhanced multimedia capabilities. For example, Home Premium supports Windows Media Center. You can also draw attention to the possibility of working with the program "Notes" and the presence of other games installed in the system by default. The cost of Windows 7 Home Premium starts with a mark of 3300 p., Which is somewhat more expensive than the price of the previous versions.

Windows 7 Ultimate

In addition to all the above features,which absorbed the Home Premium as compared to the Home Basic and Starter, you can select an encrypting file system, which allows you to store files more securely. BitLocker technology can significantly improve the encryption system and data security, respectively. AppLocker allows you to block unwanted applications to run, which is convenient when using a computer with multiple people.
The Ultimate can generatesystem backup on a network drive. Also included with printing capabilities based on location, enhanced Group Policy, work with remote desktop, advanced backup, Windows Mobility Center, support for launching applications in compatibility mode with Windows XP, multiple language packs and boot from VHD.

Ultimate versions cost starts at 9000 p.

Choose a version

If you use the computer only at home andHe worked mainly in office applications, often watch movies and use the Internet, you will save enough to purchase the more expensive Ultimate, and make a choice in the direction of Home Premium, which has all the features you need, even for an advanced user. If you decide to install Windows Ultimate in the office or you push to the specific safety and security requirements of content on your computer, it is best to install Ultimate, because it supports the technologies required for advanced file encryption and working with networking tools.

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