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WHAT insects destroy garden pests

Which insects kill garden pests

Garden pests are the scourge of gardeners,because they spoil the plants and harvest them. The use of chemicals to destroy them is not the ideal output - because it is equally well kill both harmful and beneficial insects.

So how can we get rid of garden pests? The answer is simple - come to the aid of the nature ...

Ladybug, lacewing

Destroy insects harmful to agriculturefarm, you can use other insects that feed on garden pests and free plants without outside interference. They are known to all ladybugs, lacewings and predatory mites - the worst enemies of aphids, spider mites and scale insects. Thus, predatory mites plague spider mites at any stage of their development. They are usually involved in the gardens with the help of crop dill, mustard, phacelia and other nectar plants.

You can buy divorced in vitro small insects such as Trichogramma and release them into the garden.

Ladybug (especially its larvae) will helpDestruction scale insects, spider mites and aphids. When mass outbreaks garden aphid it can one day devour up to 40 aphids, whereas its larva destroys 70 individuals. During his lifetime, this beautiful beetle usually eats about 800 aphids units.
Goldeneye or flernitsa lays its eggsnear the colonies of aphids and spider mites. Lacewing larvae are very voracious and have a strong chewing-sucking mouthparts, which allows them to destroy a huge number of garden pests.

Hoverflies and earwig

No less effectively crack down on harmfulinsect hoverflies and earwigs. So, hoverflies, resembling wasps or bees, it is absolutely harmless to humans and are extremely dangerous for the pests. Because their eggs hatch into larvae of the army, which consume aphids whole colonies. Engage hover on the territory of the garden can be sowing caraway, parsley, cilantro and yellow flowers plantain.

In addition to insects, with garden pests can be controlled with the help of frogs, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, lizards and bats.

Earwig found in the gardens often - onnight insect eats spider mites, aphids, laying their eggs and even fungal spores that provoke diseases of plants. Besides, earwigs feed on dead insects, moss, fruit and petals. For all of these helpers gardener can create artificial housing in the form of a flower pot with straw, suspended from a tree branch. In the spring of the contents of the pot should be replaced with fresh straw.
In addition to these natural enemies of insect pestsworking in the garden also a large number of other invisible warriors - spiders, parasitic flies, ground beetles, predatory bugs and so on. They need to be aware of and protect, so they purified the garden from hungry pests.

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