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WHAT inland waters

Internal waters of Russia

Inland waters are the property of the state and they are protected.

Among these resources are not only located on the territory of the country's rivers and lakes, but also a large amount of water, which are in a different state of aggregation or underground.

Inland waters - the concept of political, legal,geographical and scientific. Every aspect brings the value, which is complemented by a common understanding of the definition. In terms of geography inland waters - is the entire volume of water held in the area. Among these are all the rivers, lakes, ponds and marshes Russia, including the smallest natural sources, artificial reservoirs, canals and pools.

Inland waters as a political and legal concept

From a legal and political point of viewinland waters - is, including the seas and oceans that are within the boundaries of the state. Their number includes all historic bays (eg Baikal), external and internal raids and the bay (if their shores belong to this country). Sea, situated in its territory, and limited on all coasts of the mainland also belong to the category of inland waters.

A characteristic feature of these resources isthat the rules of navigation and fisheries are fixed by the state-owned and can vary significantly from those practiced by the inhabitants of the bordering countries. On the contrary, in the outer waters of the laws of the international scale, taking into account the interests of all, located on the shores of the seas and oceans, countries.

In the inland waters is prohibited admission of foreigncourts. In the political field, there are specific laws governing the water border crossing procedure. They are based on the principles developed at the international level. If within the territory of the country are archipelagos located in the seas and oceans, the entire volume of water washing is also ranked as the internal category.

A special category of inland waters

Water, on the territory of the port to a line,which connects the straight most outstanding parts, too, are a resource of the state. To the seas and oceans it was easier to recognize this internal or external water, should focus on the border of the country, marked on maps. But be aware that there is such a thing as neutral waters, which may be within that state, but it does not belong.
A special group of inland water - groundwater, glaciersand permafrost. They are the most important natural resource: fresh water source reserve. If a glacier drifting on the territory of the inland waters of one country, it is his property. After crossing the border iceberg and ceases to be "transferred to the jurisdiction" of the neighboring state.

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