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What is initialization

"Initialization" - is not only a complex "scientific" word, but also frequent process. Employment of computer technology based entirely on the initialization of various variables.

What lies behind this difficult term?


By definition, "Initialization" - a preparationprogram or a hardware device to work. This preparation consists in setting the initial parameters of the system data. For program initialization is to set the values ​​of the variables of the program.

Initialization data set

Initialize the array has a number of pitfalls. Firstly, different software environments dataset starts filling either zero element A [0], or the first A [1], where A - the name of the array.
To initialize an array of commonly used"Step by step" cycle for (foreach). The filling of the array is gradual, one element at each "run" cycle. In the for loop creates a local variable cycle - to control the number of passes.
The initial value of the loop variable must match the first element of the array: A [0] and A [1]. End - the number of elements in the array.
For the organization of these two-dimensional fillingthe array you need to invest for one cycle to another. Thus, the passage of the column of the array cycle operation will be performed as many times as there are rows in the array.

initialization errors

When initializing the system receives data from allrelevant devices, processes or operators. Running the operating system is initializing the data, because the operating system gets feedback from all parts of the computer, including memory, hard disk and keyboard. If one of the blocks is not important, the OS can not pass initialization. A serious mistake is initialized and the famous "blue screen of death."

initialization string

To control initialization beginners often use simple treatment (for example, X = 5) or manual selection. However, regular initialization can and should be automated.
Suppose you have a computer user,connected to two ISPs. The connection speed is changed, so the user is constantly switched manually. This is inconvenient and time consuming. Instead, he can set the initialization string in the command line:
AT + CDGCONT = 1, IP, internet.mts.ru + AT + CDGCONT = 2, IP, internet.beeline.ru.
Now is the initialization string forcomputer process control. If MTS Internet is growing faster than the "Beeline", use MTS Connect - otherwise MTS changes to Connect "Beeline".

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