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With the development of entrepreneurship and businessactivities, which were officially allowed at the end of the 80s, keeping existing businesses and entrepreneurs has become one of the most urgent tasks, standing before the tax authorities.

Modern computer technology and meanscommunications, local and global information networks allow to solve this problem and developed a powerful database - Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities).

Software-information complex USRLE

This database, which was initially createda program-information complex, which would be stored all the information on the taxpayer-enterprises operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, was developed in 2002. This large-scale development has been carried out by programmers Chief Research Computing Center of the Federal Tax Service.
Implementation USRLE the practice of tax accountingIt allowed to automate maintenance of a database of enterprises and organizations, to carry out centralized storage and quickly make changes to information about legal entities. Adding USRLE - a prerequisite enterprise legitimacy and legality of its activities. Extract from the register as part of the package of necessary documents confirming the legal viability of the enterprise.

What information about the company are made in the Unified

The structure of the database contains information oneach enterprise and its activities. All changes must be made promptly to the Register, details of which the legal entity is obliged to provide to the tax office at the place of registration within 3 days. Failure to do so is punishable by penalties.
The following information is entered in the Unified:
- Full and abbreviated name of the enterprise, including firmennoe-
- The legal form of its activities-
- Legal address or postal address of the person authorized to execute actions on behalf of the Company without doverennosti-
- Full information on the founders, their passport data and information about the place of permanent registratsii-
- Foundation documents in originals or copies certified by notarialno-
- The date of registration of the changes in the constituent documents and the date of receiving information about these changes are recorded organom-
- A method of forming a legal entity - whether it was newly created or formed in the process of reorganizatsii-
- The termination of activity of the enterprise - in the course of reorganization or likvidatsii-
- Size and shape of authorized kapitala-
- Information about a natural person having authority to act on behalf of the Company without power of attorney, his passport details, address of permanent residence, INN-
- Information about available licenses to carry out certain kinds of activity-
- Information on representative offices and branches predpriyatiya-
- A taxpayer-legal person identification number
- Code OKVED about the main types of activity-
- Bank details of the company.

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