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WHAT impurities contained in silver 800 sample

What impurities are in silver 800 sample

Sterling Silver - a very soft metal. It is not suitable for the manufacture of jewelery, coins and cutlery.

To this admixture was added in the silver and eventually obtain alloys with greater resistance and durability.

The composition of silver 800 sample

In accordance with GOST 6836-80 "Silver and silveralloys. Stamps »silver 800 sample consists of 79,7-80,3% pure silver. Copper is from 19.7 to 20.3 percent. Regarding impurities, the law provides for the addition of lead (not more than 0.005%), iron (not more than 0.13%), antimony (not more than 0.002%) and bismuth (not more than 0.002%). Copper is added to give a silver alloy more resistant to mechanical stress, as copper is stronger than silver. Lead, albeit in small amounts, and reduces the cost of the silver melts at a lower temperature. Iron is not the most useful admixture of this alloy. It does not dissolve in silver, and settles in the form of individual particles, but the manufacturer can save on manufacturing alloy. A bismuth deprives silver plasticity, thanks to the product harder to bend or break.

In some countries, there is also the 830 silver sample. By the number of silver and impurities of the sample 800 and 830 are identical.

The use of silver 800 sample

800th silver sample refers to lower grades. In Russia, this test is considered to be extremely low for the manufacture of jewelry. They have great value because of their color gives yellowness, they quickly oxidize and darken. Of the 800 silver sample is made mostly cutlery, cigarette cases, decorative ornaments, sliding contacts, electrical conductors. Since this sample contains relatively large amounts of copper and articles thereof are of particular strength and are suitable for the manufacture of household goods for daily use. It can be a cup and saucer, handle and stationery. But on the surface of products can be a greenish patina - copper acetate. Cutlery made of silver is undesirable to use this sample with acidic foods, especially vinegar as release toxic copper salts.

Jewellery made of silver 800 samples are afraid moisture: rain, shower or just sweat.

Despite their sleaze, silver 800brand is widespread in countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Argentina. In Egypt, cheap bling alloy 750 passes for 800 silver samples, but they can be recognized by the characteristic reddish tint. They are not worth the price you want for them, and soon lose its form.

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