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WHAT New Guinea Impatiens

What is the New Guinea Impatiens

If you want to buy an ornamental plant, which would combine the beauty, endurance, continuous flowering and compact, while New Guinea Impatiens - this is exactly what you need.

Overview of New Guinea Impatiens

Impatiens New Guinea - a hybrid form of balsam, derived in 1972 in West Africa. Its average height is 20-30 centimeters.
Unlike other species of their fellows,Impatiens New Guinea has a strong stalk, fleshy leaves and flowers. Moreover, he looks very compact, and the leaves and flowers, thanks to the work of breeders, different saturated color palette.
Balsam is one of the most unpretentiousornamental plants. And in moderate light, moderate watering and temperature it will delight you with their colorful blooms throughout the year.

Terms of care balsam New Guinea

Growing. Impatiens New Guinea can be grown both indoors and in the garden. The street is only one season will blossom flower, as it will not survive the cold winter.
The soil is better to choose a soft and light, withthe addition of peat and compost mature so that it absorbs water. When choosing a fertilizer, avoid nitrogen - it can cause an overabundance of plant growth and inhibit the formation of new flowers.

1 time in 2-3 weeks New Guinea Impatiens is recommended to feed complex fertilizer with potassium.

The amount of light. This plant does not require a lot of light. Even in a dark corner, it will grow, but without copious amounts of bright colors.
Minimum temperature should be no lower than -10degrees. Otherwise, the plant will die. Impatiens New Guinea - heat-loving plant, it transfers heat very well, but the wind is the worst enemy of his.
Watering the plant should be sufficiently abundant, butnot excessively. During the summer, experts advise watering often with small dosages, and in winter - 1 every 15-20 days. If Impatiens is located near the battery, you must use a humidifier or put the battery tray with water.

To maintain a long flowering of this plant is its leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried flowers promptly cut.

Transplanting and multiplication. Repot the plant in the spring recommended. The pot should be slightly larger than the previous. Falling asleep Impatiens, note that the root collar is slightly rose above the earth. To propagate the flower stalk must be cut below the node, remove the leaves and planted in light soil. Then, for 10-14 days you need to clean in a dark place without drafts.
And finally - New Guinea Impatiens betteracquire all spring. Before buying a thorough inspection of plants for the presence of diseases and insects (mites, thrips) which cause deformation of leaves and flowers.

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