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What is IMHO

In chat rooms, forums and blogs sides regularly use the expression IMHO. This is quite a long time, but it is not always clear that represent the 4 letters in the aggregate.

It is necessary to understand what they mean.

case history

In the English-speaking sector of the Internet is already quitelong used the acronym IMHO, which stands in my humble opinion, which translates as "in my humble opinion." In Russia, the spread of this reduction began in Fido.net networks in the mid 90s., Which was transformed into "IMHO". Transcription start to swim. Some thought that it should sound like, "I have an opinion, to challenge the horseradish", others were of the coarser definition. But the source is still one in all cases.
When the "Fido" has run its course, the abbreviation winning pace went to the blogs, forums, chat rooms, etc., where without it is now impossible to imagine communication.

methods of use

Using these four letters in conjunctionpresent disputes, discussions. If a person believes that his opinion the only correct and does not need criticism, it uses the "IMHO". Inserted at the beginning of the letter of offer. Their use is often a red flag for the other participants, so people often use "IMHO" is subjected to the most violent attacks on the part.

Existing variations

Today, the use of "IMHO" in its pure form at leastand frequent phenomenon, but all sorts of distorted versions can be seen in the Russian-language Internet. You can find the verb "IMHA" (eg, "IMHA me that ...", "imhuyu that ...", etc.), but its use in the interlocutor gives explicit intention to make fun of other people's opinions.
There are other variations. When the online dispute involved a very self-righteous interlocutors, other participants in the discussion said that people began to "be compared imhami". Similar examples of consumption can be counted more than a dozen.

used by

"IMHO" obedient to all ages and generations. Young Internet users may not be known until the end of the definition of these four letters, but this rarely use them, they will not. They have long understood where and when they can be used. The older generation of RuNet often uses "IMHO" in its purest form. Teenagers and young people can afford all kinds of distortions. Due to what the Internet can be easily distinguished from the older generation younger.
Due to the fact that the abbreviation for hearing, itfrequently used Internet entrepreneurs in the design of t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, scarves, etc. But the price of these products can vary significantly from seller to seller.

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