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What if in the heart there was a feeling of heaviness

What if in the heart there was a feeling of heaviness

Heaviness in the heart may be a harbinger of cardiovascular or nervous system, resulting in vascular dystonia, stomach ulcers, or pulmonary disease.

How to eliminate the severity of heart

To address the severity of the heart,you must find out the cause that has provoked the appearance of heaviness or pain. Put the correct diagnosis can only be experienced physician on the basis of the obtained results of the survey.
If you feel heaviness in the heart, try to see a doctor as soon as possible. You will be assigned ECG, ultrasound, x-rays of the spine and rib cage will do if necessary.
With a sharp pain in the heart and a feeling of heaviness, which extends to the left hand, call emergency medical care. The harbinger of myocardial infarction are these symptoms.
When myocardial ischemia feeling of heaviness in the field ofheart occurs after eating, intense exercise, stress. If the disease has been diagnosed and you are taking pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by the doctor, it is possible that it will take them a correction dose. In any case, you need to review the way of life and diet change to a lighter.
A feeling of heaviness in the heart and is accompanied by mitral valve prolapse. Pain and heaviness can not be removed using nitroglycerin. When these symptoms contact your doctor immediately.
Dystonia - an insidious disease,manifested by various symptoms. Including the patient may disturb the systematic pain and feeling of heaviness in the heart. Treat it can be, but once should expect that therapy will take decades and at its termination all the symptoms may come back with a bang.
Gastric ulcer, musculoskeletal diseasesapparatus, lung diseases - diseases of the data may be accompanied by multiple symptoms. Often patients complain of and the severity of the heart. To eliminate the need to cure the symptoms of the underlying disease.

To which the doctor ask for the severity of heart

As the severity of the heart - a symptom of many diseases, contact your physician. Based on the complaints of your doctor will prescribe referral to a specialist narrow profile.
Do not self-medicate. Heaviness and pain in the heart - a good reason enough to undergo a full medical examination to determine the cause and start the appropriate treatment prescribed by your doctor. Remember to pull on a visit to a specialist rather dangerous. Often, even a few hours of delay can be fatal.

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