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What if there is no signal on the monitor

What if there is no signal on the monitor

During operation of the computer may cause problems with the monitor.

The most common of them - the lack of a signal, which is why the picture disappears from the screen.

A similar problem can occur for various reasons.

Physical cabling

First of all, make sure of serviceabilitymeans the monitor is connected to the power supply and the computer. Signal may not be the case if punctured or power cable connections. It is worth re-disconnect and reconnect all cables, if no signal is still, you can change to other cables. They are consumable items, their value does not exceed a few hundred rubles. They can be purchased at any computer store or office equipment store. If no signal is present anyway, the reason for his absence lies much deeper.

faulty driver

Often, due to the incorrect installation of programsor because of the activity of malicious programs, the driver responsible for the operation of the monitor are damaged. Requires reinstall them. But this need to use another monitor. Its role can be played monitor laptop or netbook, as well as just another monitor. Before installing any driver is recommended to do a system restore point, if the installation will fail.

The cost of the new LCD monitorIt can range from 1,500 to 10,000 rubles. Monitor Repairs can cost several thousand, so the user is free to choose between repair and purchase a new monitor.

Physical fault video

For the primary analysis of the video card failurejust look at her. It can be very dusty, the cooling fan may spin slowly or does not spin at all. You can also see the state of the transistors on the surface of the board. If they are faulty, they will either leaking or swollen.
If the appearance of the video card is fullyOK, you may need her diagnosis. It can be performed by a qualified service center. The computer on which the faulty card can be repaired under warranty. The same can also apply to separately purchased card. But if the warranty has expired, it is necessary to repair the card at his own expense.

Diagnostics monitor

For proper diagnosis of his condition monitormust be attributed to the service center. Simple user can recall whether excessive flickering monitor before breakage, it is possible from it came the noise or odor.

In most cases, if the monitor is broken, it is simply not turn on, which means that messages about the absence of a signal can not be. But if it is, it indicates a partial failure of video output.

If the monitor is still under warranty, the repairsIt can be made free. Otherwise you will have to fork out for a round sum. If the repair can not afford, you can buy a new monitor. Often the repair cost is much higher.

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